This Is How I Will Love You

Guillaume Bolduc

Don’t expect it to be tranquil as your Sunday afternoons.

I didn’t come to just soothe your aftershock. I brought thunders and fire with me. Because when I love, I love intensely. But rest assured that I, will be extra gentle until you’re heart is ready. Until you’re ready.

Don’t think that I just passed by.

I didn’t go this far to simply look you in the eyes and move on to my next journey. I will bring you with me. You will be part of every dream. You will read every poem I write next. You will see the art I put my soul into. I, will not come just to leave.

Don’t get intimidated with my blunt honesty.

I didn’t talk to you to run around the bush and all. I will be here to remind you that it doesn’t matter if it’s in the fire exit after office hours or in the porch of our house at 12 midnight; I, will tell you sweet, raw and genuine things because you deserve to hear them. Because you, are worth it.

Don’t worry that my feelings will change just because you find yourself different from what you think I see as you.

I didn’t reach this point to simply offer you a half-love, a partial admiration, nor a 50% appreciation. I, will love you like how the sun loves the earth. Or if not, then better than that.

Don’t think I will ever feel the same way with other guys and this isn’t something you only have a chance to.

I, in behalf of Zeus and all the demi gods they call, is here to show you that you will be loved purely and truly.

This is how I’m going to love you.

If you want me to.

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