4 Ways To Ditch The Boyfriend Who No Longer Makes You Happy

Flickr / Dennis Skley
Flickr / Dennis Skley

Most of us know the most common do’s and don’ts of dating. The common sense part, at least. If you are an outspoken girl, losing your boyfriend will be a piece of cake. For women like you – most of the time, running your mouth to the point of making your significant other angry is an accident (in your mind). If you happen to be the complete opposite, here’s a manual on how to lose your boyfriend.

1. Talk Over Him

Along my journey, I’ve definitely learned that talking over your boyfriend will annoy him to the point of not saying much of anything anymore – guys don’t like to have conversations with themselves. When he tells you a story, reply back with something completely random and self-centered. That’s right, when he’s telling you about that boring album you have no interest in, just go on and tell him how you think you should go shopping for nail polish, or how you think Anthony Bourdain is probably a hilarious father.

2. Deny His Requests

Guys like consistency. If you expect him to do something for you undoubtly, he expects you to return the favor. When he asks if you’re busy and would like to talk on the phone, just tell him, “sorry, I’m tired” or “tomorrow”. This isn’t so bad; but, if we’re talking sex…he might just be in a slump. Ladies?

3. Be Less Attractive

In reality, women can be just as sluggish as men. Yes – women do poop, fart and burp, and you must make it a known thing. Also, tell him how much you want to drink with your friends instead of sitting home with him. Tell him you want to be K.O’d off of drugs and alcohol, and he’ll hate that.

4. Talk About Other Guys

This is the absolute final straw for your boyfriend. Whether it’d be talking about your guy “best friend” or saying another guy is cute, talk about someone else. Once he knows you’re interested in someone else, you can expect him to leave between 1-30 days of you doing this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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