I’m Sorry For The Times When You Can’t See The Light

Trigger Warning
woman crying in front of mirror
kevin laminto / Unsplash

I don’t know if we know each other, but either ways; I just wanted to say I’m sorry! On behalf of everyone you came across this journey of life.

I’m sorry for the times you were hurt by people who did not cherish your preciousness.

I’m sorry on the behalf of those who got you through sleepless nights in their warm sheets.

I’m sorry because I know what it’s like to feel this way, and I know how it feels to be thought of in such way!

I’m sorry because you never heard this word and you should hear it more often now.

I’m sorry because you have a beautiful, unnoticed lightening spot inside of you among the darkness of the ashes that burnt within you!

I’m sorry for the cuts your beautiful, giving arms have.. They’re too pure to tear, tear blood and bring paleness to your angelic face.

Purple was my favorite colour, but it is now the worst in my eyes when I saw it taking over your face, the veins, and the bags under those two pieces of heaven, your eyes.

I’m sorry for the times you were sorry; for things you shouldn’t be sorry for.

I’m sorry for the times you ruined your occasions to ease their pains and for the times they made the best of their times when you spent the worst of yours.

I’m sorry because I love you, because I feel your pain, I know your pain and it makes me know you better enough than just getting one step closer to you.

I hope you know that, wherever you are and however you’re feeling, I’m sorry! I will be closer to you from now on. I heard your call, and I don’t break promises, I promise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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