This Is Me Finally Realizing My Real Worth

Silhouette of woman with long hair standing during sunset in Olsztyn / Unsplash

I came across a quote that says,“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” 

I realized that my aching heart shall never bare this pain, I should never settle for the things that do not caress my worth and look after it as if a butterfly is seeking shelter in ruthless hands that crushes it.

I do not exist to teach them what I want to feel in return, it shall not take aching out of me to bring the best out of them. I shall not get busy with collecting stones that are thrown at me instead of following stars that will brighten my vision.

I am not sorry that I left this behind effortlessly, I do not belong to cold faces and empty places.. Their faces were too cold to show and their hearts were too dead to grow. I will water my own garden and I will feed my own soul.

I will not chase what isn’t destined for me, I will not hang on to things that are slightly not good for me. I will become unstoppable, I will believe in myself.

I deserve to be searched for among the eyes of millions, found and loved despite my flaws, I deserve to be fought for despite my tough times and the hard shell that covers me.

I believe that I will be there, and I will never let the ones around me to endure what I suffered from, and by that I have won. I am the winner; of my prosperity and health, the winner of my energy and essentially; myself.

I promise that I will look at my heart when I want to follow it, I promise that I will put my heart in the right place. I will not belittle the most precious part of me, because precious things remain to precious places. TC mark

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