When You Feel Like Giving Up: Don’t

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Truth be told: dealing with life in general, can be pretty frustrating at times. The problems, the sadness, the stress – these are things you can never run away from. But you know, one thing I learned in playing this game called life, is that the moment you feel like giving up is also the exact moment that you should keep your head up and fight harder.

At times when you feel like the whole world is up against you and it feels like you have no one to run to, know that you have yourself. That alone is enough for you to keep going.

At the end of the day, all that you do is for yourself and no one else. Be the sole reason why you should keep going.

When you’re all alone and you find sadness knocking at your doorstep, let it in. Feel it. Acknowledge it. Sometimes yin yang doesn’t serve its purpose and you just feel like you’re all the way down, and it’s okay.

For when you recognize the things that make you weak, you find ways to conquer them so that the next time you feel it, you know how to handle it.

When you feel like you’re doing nothing right, that’s absolutely fine. We live to learn, and making mistakes is one way to do that. There are things that are best learned through experience: heartbreak, failed friendships, or maybe failing an exam. Going through these things makes us wiser and better versions of ourselves.

Every time you feel tired, rest. You need rest as much as you need the energy to keep going. All the negatives can take the life and vivacity out of you, so you have to take it easy every once in a while. Pamper yourself, go out with friends, or whatever it is that makes you feel good about yourself, do it. Regardless of whatever deadline you have to meet or work you have to finish, when you feel tired, you rest. You need it, and you deserve it too.

And at the very point that you just feel like giving up, don’t.

You may not see the light now, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never get to see it. There is so much more to look forward to; more than the sadness, the stress, and the pain. It may seem like the odds are not in your favor, but that doesn’t mean it will never be. For the moment you feel like giving up is the same moment you’re getting to the good part.

Always remember that nothing worth having comes easy, so you have to keep going to see how good it’s going to get. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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