True Feminists Do Not Attack Other Women

Devan Freeman
Devan Freeman

I feel sorry for some women,

The ones who are unaware of their own rights, and never fight for them.

The ones who don’t believe in themselves, and choose to be represented by men.

The ones who are taught to always surrender and be submissive to men.

The ones who are afraid to speak their minds or state their opinions out loud because they learn that men are always right.

The ones who are not aware of how gender difference is nothing but a social construct imposed on them by their society, traditional culture and the patriarchal structure.

The ones who accept gender inequality because they could not think of any other possibility, because gender difference has become an essential part of their socialization process.

I hope one day those women will learn that it’s okay and totally acceptable to ask for their rights, to demand to be treated equally, and to value themselves more than this.

To all the feminists out there, gender inequality is frustrating, I get that; which is why I became a feminist in the first place. Being raised in the Middle East, an Arab and a Muslim country, women’s rights were not really an issue that people discuss, let alone believe in.

Social dogmas about gender roles and women being treated as second-citizens still exist in many of the Arab world. What is really disappointing is the females’ consent to be treated this way. However, feminists need to understand the cultural backgrounds and traditions, which make it really difficult for women to reject this system.

find it unfair and harsh when feminists attack women who do not defend themselves or their rights, which is a wrong approach that will not lead anywhere. For this, I want all women out there to know that I am not angry at them, but I deeply feel really sorry for them, and I just hope that one day they will be able to fight for their rights. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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