The Things That Do Not Define You

Paige Muller

Too often we allow failure
to determine who we are.
We let it become
apart of us.
Though we
might wish we could
remove it from our memory,
somehow we allow it to stay.
Through every decision
the fear of failure
resurfaces in our minds.
Failure can be a toxic reminder
of what once hindered us,
but no longer has to.

We perceive our flaws
as an unwanted part of us,
like we would somehow be
better off without them.
We tolerate, or even secretly
despise our flaws.
Instead we should love
every flaw and tend to
our insecurities with care.
We often tear ourselves
down more than we
search for our true self.
We allow our flaws
to weigh us down,
instead of letting them
liberate us into a higher self-love.

So forget your failures and flaws.
Do not let them linger in your
memory, but if they must remain
let it serve as a lesson
not a painful reminder
of who you once were.

You have the ability to
change into something
that you can be proud of,
and I hope you do just that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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