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It Doesn’t Matter What Anyone Else Thinks Of You

It doesn’t matter if they don’t get it—your parents, your friends, your boss, your followers.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t understand what lights up your soul, what breathes life into your lungs, what fills your cells with purpose, what brings you home within your bones, what makes your voice too big for your lungs to contain.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t see your vision. It doesn’t matter if they don’t feel your feels. It doesn’t matter if they don’t resonate with your words, or vibrate with your music, or appreciate your art, or comprehend your logic.

It doesn’t matter if they can’t easily define you, can’t easily make sense of you, can’t feel comfortable with you, can’t see where you are going.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t like what you do, what you are about, what you stand for, what you are.

You can either spend your time trying to explain, trying to prove, trying to convince, or you can spend your time creating, loving playing, living, and being who you want to be, who you are meant to be.

Those who your work is meant for will get it. They will get it and they will live and breathe it. They will get it without you needing to explain it, prove it’s value, or convince them. They will get it because your souls speak the same language.

Those who love you, those who truly love you? They don’t have to get it to support you. Their love isn’t conditional on them “getting it.” They don’t care what you do, they care only about your happiness. That they will get.

Do you, be you, for you and you alone. Let others’ opinions fall away and allow those who truly matter to flock to your light.

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