Loving You Was The Chance Of A Lifetime

woman standing in parking lot
Brooke Cagle

I laid by your side feeling safe in your arms after patiently waiting a decade to do so. I breathed in your scent and exhaled against your beautiful tan skin. Your warmth was so inviting. Your body so intertwined with mine. You absentmindedly played with my hair ever so gently and it was all I could do to hide my foolish grin.

I looked down and examined your face and your body over and over to see if it was real. To see if I was really living that moment. You didn’t notice how I looked at you with such adoration for so long. When you fell asleep I just laid there wrapped in your embrace, hands interlocked with yours, smiling with all the joy I had.

You are so perfect and wonderful. I can’t even tell you what went on inside me when my lips found yours. It took a painfully long time, but sure enough, they met. I held my world, your face, between my hands so gently and kissed you with passion I’d never felt. I needed you as badly as air. Maybe more.

I took special care to memorize everything. The way your hair felt between my fingers. Every inch of your face beneath my lips. How our kisses fit best. The shape of your body as I caressed it both with curious fingers and longing lips.

I knew it was my one and only chance. I had no time to waste. Now all the beautiful things about you exist only in my memory, and that’s where they’ll stay. It was gut-wrenching to feel such immense joy and ecstasy, but watch the clock tick ever closer to losing that feeling.

When the sun rose, it would all be over. Slip out of my fingertips. But once is better than never, my love. I’ll take the pain of never kissing you again over never knowing what it’s like. You exist in my dreams.

That night is on a loop in my head, always replaying. It was perfect. You are perfect. I love you. I love everything about you. I gave you my all and I would do it again whenever you let me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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