11 Things They Don’t Tell You About Your Senior Year In High School

The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club

1. Friends will still continue to change (shocker, people still suck.) In the end you’ll be left with a smaller group of the best people you’ve ever met. It’ll be bittersweet to say goodbye, but at least they were a part of your life, even if it was short.

2. People you once hated will end up surprising you. Circles will cross, parties will intermix, and it all works out in the end because this is the last year you’ll be with these people. If they just want to stick to their own group, feel free to still hate them.

3. Senior Slide actually starts around mid-September when you realize, “Hey I’m going to be a psych major, when the hell am I going to need to use physics in my life?”

4. It’s better off to be the funny girl. Trust me.

5. You won’t feel any older. You will randomly tell people all the time how you don’t look or feel like a senior. “But the seniors were so pretty when we were freshman, and I still look like I’m fifteen!” You’re lying if you say you’ve never said this.

6. You’ll want to spend some of your weekends by yourself binge-watching Netflix instead of going out, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You need to always put yourself first, and if there’s anything high school teaches you, it’s that you’re the only one that can look out for yourself.

7. You will miss the faces and meaningless conversations of your classmates, because you know you will never see some of these people again. Though you don’t even know half of them, you will wish them in the life they’re about to go off and live.

8. Your parents will actually be cool for once.

9. People you’ve never met before will want to know where you’re going to college, and how you came to that choice. It’s funny when you tell them the boring story of how you decided, and they’re like, “Oh that’s where you’re going? Good for you.” They don’t mean it. Assholes. 

10. You will cry more this year than any other year, a lot of the time because you’re happy. These are your last years a kid living with your parents; it’s sad but it’s also exciting as you anticipate what the next few years will bring you.

11. You’ll never feel more like yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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