Keep Your Head Up Because You Do Matter

Riccardo Annandale
Riccardo Annandale

So you spilled your cup of coffee on your white shirt before walking into a work meeting. And last night, that text message you sent got left on “read” when you were really counting on a response. And to top off just how great your week has been going, you’re on your way to grab lunch and the “check engine” light just came on in your car… GRRRREAT. You just got it checked out the other day and the mechanic said everything was fine…

Alright, alright… the things listed above are of course hypothetical, however they are absolutely not impossible (I should know from experience). You will have those days. It could be something more or less harsh than a coffee spill or a car issue. Maybe you’ll lose your phone… Maybe you’ll lose a family member. Life happens. But the beautiful thing about it is that, no matter what you go through today or tomorrow or next week or in the next 5 years and so on, you have the power to control your attitude towards it all.

I know it becomes superficial to always hear “don’t worry, everything will be ok” and “there’s people who have it worse”. You want someone to genuinely understand you and see you as an individual but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. But don’t worry, your feelings and emotions and the things you have to experience aren’t overlooked completely. You matter. I might not know who you are or where you are, but I do know that you are reading this for a reason and I want it to reach you, from one human who’s been through a lot to another.

I want to remind you to breathe, because you can! Look in the mirror for a few moments and mentally remind yourself of how many things you’ve made it through up to here. You’re strong. I know things don’t go the way you want them to all the time. I can relate. But the way life goes is the way it’s going to go, no matter what. Accept it and let go of the fear of what might happen next. Embrace that you’re more than anger and sadness and you are definitely much more than dwelling on the past and things you cannot change. If you have a bad day, make it better by playing your favorite song or calling someone you love. Maybe talking to you is just what they need in that moment.

And speaking of love, love the people who matter the most as much as you possibly can. Allow yourself to sleep in peace at night no matter what kind of week you’ve had knowing that so many people care about you and don’t want to see you fall. Because you as well as I were definitely not granted the promise of tomorrow… So why live like we were? Let’s not take life for granted. Cherish each day because by doing so you are making it a lot more worthwhile.

Brandon Boyd of Incubus once said, “Don’t let the world bring you down. Not everyone here is that f***ed up and cold. Remember why you came and while you’re alive, experience the warmth before you grow old.” When he mentions that “warmth”, I think it delivers a more tranquil message simply reminding us to follow our heart and stay in tune with our dreams; to continue to remember that we are here for a purpose before we grow older. People like me believe in your purpose. Try to keep this entire message in mind, in your own unique way. Remember things like this and put these good thoughts into perspective.

Keep your head up, amazing one. Wake up and live at your best. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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