5 Reasons My Sister Will Always Be My BFF, No Matter The Distance


Smart, caring, funny, beautiful, one of a kind… Those are 5 simple words that explain my big sister but still do not even fully describe the kind of person she is.

As far back as I can remember, my sister has always been my best friend. Ordinary friends come & go, but your sister is someone who will always be there. And when you are lucky enough to share a strong bond with each other, there is no better feeling. Even though my sister and I currently live in two different states and are adults who live our own lifestyles now, there are so many reasons why my sister will always be my best friend forever.

Here are just a few that are most important.

We grew up together, so we share millions of memories, both bitter and sweet.

We’ve seen mom & dad fight and then make up the next day. We’ve had to share things from bedrooms to clothes to snacks. We’ve laughed until we cried, and we’ve cried together. We’ve fought in the worst ways possible and then forgave each other fully and put all of those fights behind us. I have seen her go through heartbreak and she has seen me eventually go through the same and we comforted each other throughout it all.

She experienced things in life that I saw and would later learn from.

She is one of the strongest people I know because she has been through so many crazy things in life and made it right through them. One significant trait she has always held is that she has never had too much pride to admit when she was wrong and share her faults with me so that I could learn from them. She helped me mentally build the right mindset and do well for myself by opening up about her life beyond what anybody else knew. Her words of wisdom always steered me in the right direction when I might’ve felt lost. Whether it came to boys, school, friends, or just pure emotions; she was there to give me the “been there, done that” and “I told you so” talks in the best ways possible.

We balance each other out perfectly.

We like the same rappers and rock out to the same bands. We’d choose whiskey, music and a bonfire in the backyard over a night at the club. But I’m quiet and she’s outspoken. She’s taller and I’m shorter. She’d probably be the first to get into a fist fight, and I’d be the one to hold her back. I love how we’re so alike but different at the same time and just the right amount. She’s the yin to my tang, the cigarette to my coffee.

Nobody fully understands our humor or inside jokes but us, and it’s great.

If you ever witness me on a phone call with my sister or with her in person, you can brace yourself for seeing lots of laughter and goofiness. Maybe to the point that it will scare you away. We just don’t care who might be watching or listening, when we are together it’s hard not to be 100% ourselves. Sometimes we even think the same exact thing and laugh about it at the same moment. I text her the funniest memes ever and she leaves me the most hilarious random voicemails. I can make her laugh effortlessly and vice versa. I love our humor together, and the laughter we share is the best medicine. That’s one thing nobody can ever replace.

She just gets me.

She’s the first person I want to run to when I hear exciting news, The first person I want to vent to when life goes downhill and the best person to have a morning phone conversation with while I’m on my way to work. She never judges me or questions my motives, instead she helps me be a better person and always reminds me to be myself. I look up to her and admire the person she’s become. No matter how far we may be from each other, I still feel like she’s right there because she’ll always be close to my heart. The best part? I get to call her my sister.

So sisters, show your love for each other. Continue your awesome bond. Always keep a strong relationship with one another and never be afraid to open up about your problems, fears, goals or aspirations. Because your sister will always be there and she’ll always love you, despite any differences or distances. My sister will always be my bestie. My sister will always make a difference in my life. I can’t wait until we’re old ladies together, reflecting back on so many more memories in the making and how life turned out. I LOVE YOU SIS. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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