To My Soulmate, Thank You For Teaching Me What Love Is


You were not the person I expected. When I first heard the word soulmate, I thought about the person you would marry, not the man who was waving his rainbow flag and belting the latest musical. [He has done this proudly and many times in the years I’ve known him.]

I found you.
I found my best friend.

The person who would stay up late and talk for hours upon hours with me about the most miniscule things. The one who reminds me that I am not crazy…just misunderstood. When my pride would get in my own way, you always made sure to make me a little safety net. As I fell, you reminded me that I am human and it happens.

I love you for that. Ha! Love. Sweetheart, you have changed the meaning of that word for me. Love was family and that one special person. Love has become the people in my life that make it worth living.

You have seen me at my cheesiest and you loved it. You have seen me at my worst and you did not run away. You were the one to help me get back up. When society wanted to change me, you told me to change society. It starts with one; why can’t it be me? Imperfections…do not matter. Not enough to destroy a friendship.

You are my reminder that love can apply to friendships as well. The sort of love so strong that I want to be a better person for the both of us.

I get to see me at my best when I am with you. That same love helped me foster a love for myself. I am a lot more confident because of you. I have an easier time standing on my own now.

A soulmate, now, is the person who will light my soul on fire. A person who enters my life when I needed it most. The words that fill in the blanks to the phrases I have so often forgotten. A soulmate can either continue the story or rewrite the chapter. They are the ones with whom my soul can rest easy.

A soulmate is home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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