This Is Why I’ll Never Be The ‘Good Girl’

Good girls are always taught to be on point, poised, and polite all the time. They are taught to swallow their pride, submit, and sugarcoat their anger. They need to bend over backwards while others trespass on their boundaries and their emotional well being.

From a very young age, we are taught to keep our mouths shut, obey, and keep our legs closed. To apologize profusely for simply existing. It’s exhausting and draining. I just want to tell everyone to shut the hell up most of the time.

We always seem to have to wait our turn or need a valid reason to even speak what is on our minds in the first place. Am I a feminist? No. However, I was labeled “the good girl,” “the geeky girl,” the weird girl,” and even “the ugly girl.” How are girls supposed to conduct themselves? We are supposed to conduct ourselves as humans, not how society tells us to. We are human beings.

I’d rather be the bad girl or the rebel. The one with dreams, inspirations, and desires but who can still do what they set their mind to. Being able to accept that I am a nerd and like to deviate from society and from the basic norm. I’m acquainted with my dark side and my more expressive side.

This doesn’t mean I am a cruel person. I’m the complete opposite. It just means I am embracing all the things society tells me I am not allowed to do. This doesn’t mean you cannot be kind. There should be more genuine kindness and empathetic humans in the world. I didn’t stop being kind and showing empathy. I just stopped letting people and society think I had to be like them or be constrained by the incorrect rules. I don’t need to conform into what society wants me to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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