3 Websites White Girls Love To Waste Time On


The Internet is a beautiful place. Without moving, you can add the cutest clothes to your electronic shopping cart, plan your child’s 5th birthday party, or illegally watch movies that aren’t out on DVD yet. You can sit down at 9 o’clock at night all comfy in bed ready to surf the internet a bit before you fall asleep… and then find yourself in an exorcism position at 2 AM with your eyes still glued to the screen. It’s amazing really. Using more experience than I’d like to admit, I have picked out the top 3 websites we white girls like to spend late hours wasting time on.

1. Pinterest

This site is problematic because it activates the toxic part in every teenage girls brain that gives us the desire to be a party hostess, interior decorator, chef, mom, and basically the ultimate housewife. Pinterest is full of endless DIY crafts and housewife-approved recipes. It gives us misleading “quick, cute” ideas for party decorations and “easy” cupcake decorating tips.

We spend hours creating boards with titles that should be named “The wedding I’ll never be able to afford” or “These cakes HAVE to be photo-shopped,” while judging other peoples plans for their future babies bedrooms. Although you are lying in bed without a bra on at two in the afternoon on a Saturday, being on the site just makes you feel so productive. I mean, you planned a whole wedding! Carrying out your Pinterest dreams usually results in failure, disaster, misery, and can make you question whether or not you’re fit to be a woman. With time, your friend will have a birthday coming up and you’ll come crawling back to the website to sort through cat themed cupcakes. It’s a vicious cycle.

2. Wanelo

Everybody take a look at all your Wanelo shopping lists real quick. How many of those iphone cases and shorts did you actually buy? That’s the problem with Wanelo- and online shopping in general. You spend hours shopping online, adding the cutest shirts with matching statement necklaces to your “Summer Outfits” shopping cart, but then wake up the next morning to a closet full of ugly sweaters. You feel like a whole new person with a whole new wardrobe, but then remember you didn’t actually purchase any of it. Nevertheless, Wanelo is one of my favorite sites because it has literally everything you could dream of. For example, I went through a short phase where I thought fanny packs were making a come back and now have a whole list dedicated to monogrammed fanny packs from Etsy. Turns out, they are not nor have ever been cool. What a shame.

3. Youtube

I know what you’re thinking. How could YouTube beat out The Hunt or E! Online? Let me remind you that YouTube has Jenna Marbles, Shakira Music Videos, Sophia Grace and Rosie, Hair Tutorials by middle school beauty queens, Vine Compilations, and more! This website is great for the same reason Wanelo and Pinterest are- you can spend hours wasting your time on it without getting bored. Although this one isn’t able to trick you into thinking you’re being productive, it is there for you after a failed Pinterest craft or a pair of shoes on Wanelo that turned out to be $350. YouTube is the friend that can always make you laugh or the shoulder to cry on (Rihanna music videos.) Just be careful not to cross over to the weird side of YouTube. Seriously. You have been warned. If you’ve ever seen The Rejected Cartoons or Salad Fingers- you know what I’m talking about. There are scary people out there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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