I Hope You Know That I Hope You’re Okay

Even though I don’t talk to you as often as I want to and I’m not there with you, it doesn’t mean that you’re out of my mind. I wish I knew the right things to do or say to help. You’ve heard every comment from everyone, and now it all sounds like empty words and lies. When someone tells you that “everything will be okay”, you feel like they’ve resorted to cliches to support you. Which in turn, makes you feel like you’re not worthy of effort and care.

Let me tell you this – you’ve committed to life for this long. Even though it has brought you an imbalanced proportion of negative and positive moments, you’ve come so far. You’re more than worthy of commitment and I wish you knew how your existence has changed the lives of so many people around you.

I know how life has treated you wrong and how you’re so hard on yourself to become this “almighty” person. I admire and am so proud of the fact that you’re so committed to a life that is so tough on you. You’ve put in so much effort that it ends up sucking every living part out of you and as a result of exerting all that effort, it makes you feel exhausted and unloved because no one seems to reciprocate that same amount of dedication you have.

If you’re able to, think about the best memory you’ve ever had. Think about how happy you felt and try to remember how good it felt feeling that sense of freedom. Hold onto that feeling. I know I shouldn’t promise things because I have no influence on your future, but I can promise you that you’ll feel those same emotions eventually if you continue to fight a little longer. Live a little longer.

I know you crave that passionate love and lifestyle, although you have to start to notice things that used to get ignored which may be the cause of why things may seem so harsh. I wish I could fix it all and I wish that I could show you the beauty that wanders around this world, but you have to allow yourself to grow to see that. I’m going to make sure that you have a reason to smile, a reason to open your eyes and see another day – but in turn, I want you to start being truly honest to yourself.

Everything hurts, I know – but I’m right here, you’re not alone even though it may feel like it. I’ll be someone to guide you when things get too much. You can hold onto me, but you’re truthfully the only one who can get yourself feeling better. Tell me what I can do to ease the pain, and I’ll do it. Just continue to stay strong okay? Your life and you are so valuable. I’m hoping that you’ll feel okay again, soon.

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