20 Things Boys Say That Make Them A Typical Dude

Shutterstock / Syda Productions
Shutterstock / Syda Productions

I just studied abroad for a semester and I ended up mostly hanging out with a few great guys. Throughout the 3 months here, I learned a lot about boys. Here are some of their most common sayings.

1. Took a great shit today.

2. Almost got walked in on when I was jerking it.

3. Did you see _______’s game last night?

4. Anyone want Subway/a burger?

5. Anyone want gelato?

6. Anyone want food?

7. Is there a bathroom around here?

8. But like, do you think she wants to get with me?

9. My fantasy football team is doing great/awful.

10. *Laughs at own story that they’ve already told 4 times, not realizing they continually retell stories and I humor them*

11. Does this plain black v-neck look ok on me?

12. Do I need to shave?

13. Can you look at this pimple/bump for me?

14. When can I have Advil?

15. When can I have Tylenol?

16. Who wants to rage?

17. What time are we leaving?

18. I’m gonna be late.

19. I really gotta get to the gym today.

20. Can you hold my ____ in your bag for me? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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