Happiness Is Waiting For You

Kristopher Roller
Kristopher Roller

And here we were. With tears running down our faces, inundated with laughter. Reaching to catch our breaths, bent over with laughter, we realized we were fools.

Here we were, constantly waiting for life to hit us, like a train full of meaning. To give us a sense of purpose, direction, a person to love. When we finally caught our breath, tears brimming our eyes like a rain drop sliding down a glass enclosure after a storm.

We were waiting for life to happen to us
, when in reality, life was there all along. In the shadows of the night and in the light of each new day, in the laughter that would leave us breathless, in the condensation on a fresh glass of water, in each and every little blessing, so minuscule that we hardly recognized them at all anymore.

But the beauty in life’s little blessings is that they are effervescent, all encompassing, in constant abundance, waiting for you to stop, breath, and look. Just for you to be here, sitting on the floor searching for meaning, when life was never about waiting to be bestowed with value, but was instead unconditionally defined by it, despite our acknowledgment of it or not.

Those who are able to see it, feel it, taste it -the joy of life- are the happiest. Because life was never about happiness being tethered to a person, or a job, or an ideal set of circumstances. Happiness was there all along, waiting for you to open your eyes and grasp it with both hands. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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