To The Next Girl Who Captures His Heart

Love him wholly, truly, and passionately. Love him with everything you have and more.

Love him for his flaws:
for the way he’s always late, for the way he never cleans his room, and for the way he can make the simplest of things overly complicated.

Love him for his best qualities:
for being the hardest worker you know, for never giving up on his dreams, for being the best support system you can ever ask for. Love him for everything that he is, because that’s just it: he’s everything from a hot mess to perfection in plaid — and you just can’t get enough of him.

Open up to him the way he wants you to.
Allow him to help you unpack your baggage and don’t be afraid to air out your dirty laundry. He’s there to help you separate your darks from whites; and he’s willing to patch up any old wounds.

Tell him about your fears and doubts,
because he has them, too. Talk to him about the future: where you want to be in five years, what kind of mark you want to leave on this world, and who you’re going to change. It will inspire him.

Remind him that you love him and that he’s always needed. Call him when you’re thinking of him and leave notes on his dry-erase board for him to notice the next day. Take silly pictures of yourself on his phone and leave your toothbrush at his place.

Show him that his heart is your home
and that you’re not going anywhere.

Take risks with him.
Go on adventures with him and open his eyes up to a whole new world. Climb the highest mountain with him and swim the Mediterranean sea. He wants to live at the edge of a cliff and tread in the deepest of waters, with you by his side.

Make his heart race with sounds of new music. Inspire him with a dance he’s never seen. Surprise him with spontaneity and excitement every day.

Treat him to a bubbly Cava from Spain. Speak to him a different language. Teach him about the stars in the sky and the world beyond them. Intrigue him enough to impress him, enough to keep him, and more than enough to make him stay.

Most of all, know what you have when you have it.
Don’t take him for granted for he may not be around forever.

There’s a big world out there and he knows it.

There is always something better and he knows it.

The possibilities are endless and he knows it.

He is willing to go out there and find what it is that he is looking for, unless he has already found it in you.

To the next girl who captures his heart: he’s the music to your movement, the piano in between breaths. Life with him is a never-ending fouetté; keep him in focus and maybe, just maybe, you’ll never fall. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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