5 Reasons Why I Swipe Left On Tinder

I’m newly back in the dating game, so I’m pretty much going to try any way I can to meet new people. Most of my friends are in relationships, so going out has been quite scarce and mostly just a chance for everyone to flaunt their happy-in-love-ness. Two of my friends seemed to have luck on this Tinder thing so I figured hey why not…but by the end of a long tinder sesh, my left thumb is quite sore and here’s why.

1. The Group

If all of your pictures are you with a group of people, why would I swipe right? How am I supposed to know who you are? Should I just take a wild guess and maybe choose the person who I WANT it to be? No. LEFT.

2. Same Picture Effect

Using three of the same picture kind of causes me to assume you either don’t know how to use tinder or you only like ONE picture of yourself. This isn’t going to give me enough info to swipe right no matter how great that picture is. LEFT.

3. The 1/2 Person

If your face is cut off in most of your pictures, once again I assume you don’t understand this app. Or any picture app. Because it’s pretty easy to fit your face…no one’s head is that big. LEFT

4. The Distance

When all of your pictures are of you in a faraway land…I get kind of iffy. It’s great to see how adventurous you are, but when they are all far body shots and I can’t see your face…it makes me assume that you don’t even find yourself attractive. That’s a problem. LEFT

5. The Naked

It’s great you have a nice body, and while I don’t mind seeing it. Let’s not make it all of your pictures. Especially those with your head cut off and your lack of pants to where I can almost see your ding-dong…screams trashy. LEFT.

Any additions? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – iTunes / Tinder

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