5 NORMAL Things I Can Do Now That I’m Single


I am 23 and have spent a total of ten months single since I was 13. It’s not that I jump from guy to guy, but I was in a relationship for eight years and whenever we broke up I would have a “fill-in” boyfriend to fill my void. Then, we would usually get back together. After we split for good I spent ten miserable months single until I met my second boyfriend. We were together for a little over a year and now that I have found myself single, once again, I have decided to spend this time much differently than last. I reflected on my past relationships and thought about all the things I can do now that I am no longer committed.

This weekend, one of my friends was complaining about being in a relationship. She was saying how she loved that I can just do anything I wanted even if it was last minute. As we were walking into the bar her phone buzzes and she looks down saying “Great. He’ll be texting me all night.” That’s when I started to realize that aside from the big things that come with singleness, there are also little things I can do without feeling worried!

1. Paint my nails…or not

One of my boyfriends hated chipped nails…with a passion. Obviously most guys would want their girlfriends to take care of themselves, but manicures only last so long and I didn’t see him shelving out money to pay for a weekly mani. Don’t get me wrong, I love to have polished nails, but if I don’t have the time to sit down and re-do them then I will leave them chipped. Big deal.

2. Get a tattoo

While this may not apply to most guys, I had a guy who hated the thought of a tattoo or even a piercing for that matter. During one of our breaks I went out and got my belly button pierced and he actually threatened to never talk to me again because of it. So once we broke up, not only did I get it re-pierced, but I also got the long-awaited tattoo that I never thought I’d have!

3. Chop off the locks

I love having long hair, but sometimes I need a change. I don’t really like the way I look with anything other than brown hair so sometimes I will just go short. One of the boyfriends loved my hair long and curly. I could never do anything else to it, or he would absolutely freak out. Well it looks like I’m going straight and short now.

4. Travel the world

Whenever I brought up moving out of the state, both of my boyfriends were incredibly against it. Even the one who lived 1500 miles away! Apparently, I could only live in New York or Florida. For both of these guys I turned down great opportunities elsewhere and look what it got me? Now that I am single, I am planning a year long trip to explore new places and I can’t wait. There’s nothing holding me back anymore!
Wear whatever I’d like, whenever!

5. Wear whatever, whenever!

I never had a really jealous, overprotective boyfriend, but then again I always dressed a little more conservative when I was in a relationship.
Not that I’m going out looking like a hooch now, but I definitely think less if something is inappropriate. On the other hand, I also wear sweatpants a lot more now because that was something one of the guys wasn’t too crazy about either. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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