It’s Okay To Not Know What The F*ck You’re Doing Sometimes

Sometimes you wake up in the morning, or the middle of the afternoon, and think to yourself, “Wait, what the fuck am I actually doing?” And I’m here to tell you that it’s totally okay.

First off, unless you’re a robot, you’ve likely asked yourself the above question more than once (I think I ask myself every day). Some of the most successful people have arrived where they are by asking this question and implementing change when they didn’t like the answer. There is immense comfort in knowing that others share the same sentiments as you. You are not programmed to live your life a certain way. There might be people who constantly influence your actions and judgment, but it’s you that ultimately gets to determine the path you’ll walk down. And while walking, be sure to ask yourself another question: “Where the fuck am I going?”

Asking yourself this question is important, and it’s important because it means that you’re reflecting on both your intentions and aspirations. Before you can get where you want to be, you need a plan. That means doing some thinking about where you are currently, and how you ended up there to begin with. It’s okay to feel lost, because that presents the opportunity to explore. Unfortunately, they have yet to invent a GPS that provides directions for where to go in life. Truthfully, right now you’re probably more concerned with your GPS taking you to the nearest Starbucks anyway, and thankfully there’s an app for that.

But seriously, think about how it is that you ended up where you are. Our lives are essentially a compilation of all the pivotal choices we’ve made thus far. Ever sit alone and wonder what your life would be like had you attended a different college, taken another job offer, or struck up a conversation with that cute stranger? Me too! You have handpicked all the aspects of your life within the scope of your control. You have tailored your time to cut out all things superfluous, and you’ve carefully threaded on the things that make your heart beat a little bit faster. You are interwoven into other people’s stories, and some day all of these decisions will come together to create a masterpiece.

Your masterpiece might not look the way you had always anticipated. It might be a cultured and well-traveled life, successfully raising and caring for a family, or deciding that you enjoy your own company enough to be alone. Whatever it is that you choose, and wherever life takes you, just trust that there will always be uncertainty. Embrace that, because there is so much beauty in uncertainty, spontaneity, and not knowing what the fuck you’re doing at any given time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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