8 Signs Your Life Is Comfortable Chaos

Flickr / Helga Weber
Flickr / Helga Weber

Let’s face it; life gets chaotic from time to time. But there are some people out there who enjoy it that way. If you have found comfort in the chaos of your every day life, this is for you.

1. You arrive late to work on a regular basis.

Early enough that no one really notices, but late enough that you find yourself rushing, fumbling for your car keys, and spilling some coffee on your way out the door. But, oddly enough, you kind of like it that way.

2. Your car serves as somewhat of a second home.

If you looked hard enough you could probably put together a full outfit from the various articles of clothing strewn about. The floor of your car is what I like to call a coffee cup graveyard. It might be a mess, but it has everything you could possibly need if you were to get stranded somewhere. Blanket included.

3. You are constantly spreading yourself too thin and consequently find yourself always on the go.

Your friend is having a bad day and wants to vent over a late lunch, your coworker wants to grab dinner and drinks later, and you still have work to finish up, yet somehow you always find time for it all. Chaotic? Yes. Worth it? Definitely.

4. Your life is a series of incomplete endeavors, mainly because you dabble in a little bit of everything.

There are always unfinished projects, half read books, and a sink full of dishes at home. You sort of prefer it that way.

5. Your phone is blowing up 24/7 with funny cat videos from your friends, family members checking in, social media updates, and silly snapchats.

Your life is buzzing and humming day in and day out. You wouldn’t have it any other way.

6. You wonder what silence actually sounds like, because even at home there are dogs barking or children laughing, and just plain chaos all day and night.

The type of chaos you’ll some day miss. You embrace it.

7. Family gatherings are filled with the clamor of people talking over one another, food prep, and obnoxious laughter.

Your family was never the type to sit down and act normal, and that’s totally okay.

8. You would choose a crowded bar bustling with people and conversation over a quiet restaurant any day of the week.

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