Be The Girl Who Eats Gelato


Be the girl who eats gelato.

I don’t mean ice cream. And I don’t mean Italian ice. I also don’t mean frozen custard. I mean gelato. The heavy and thick consistency that makes your mouth water as you watch the guy use a metal spatula to masterfully place it on a sugar cone, so perfectly that the first lick tastes like magic.

Be the girl who packs her bags and travels the world. Book a ticket for a flight and plan to never come back. Live out of a suitcase and learn a city better than the delicate lines that make up the uniqueness of the palm of your hand.

Be the girl who doesn’t need a man to read a map or to point her in the right direction. Choose your own direction and follow the path less traveled by yourself. Enjoy the scenery and architecture of the buildings of another land. Focus on the curvature of a beautiful foreign man’s jawline and understand that you don’t need him to stand on your own two feet. But that you only want him for the night and for the simple pleasures he can offer you.

Be the girl that goes on an adventure.
Be the girl who isn’t afraid to do things on her own.

And always be the girl who eats gelato.
Because boring ice cream is for everyone else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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