All You Need To Do Is Just Smile At The Haters

“Taters gonna tate.”

My best friend said this to me one day. She went on to explain it by saying, “you know, like tater tots.” I thought about it and she is right. Taters gonna tate is just a goofy way to look at a serious issue.

Haters are everywhere.

They are your coworkers, your classmates, and complete strangers. This can even include your friends. Strangers comment on your tweet, facebook post, or online blog. They type out mean and hateful words. They can hide behind their computer screens and say how they feel with no consequences. They have the power to bring you down and steal your confidence. Some people are so quick to judge, so quick to say mean and hurtful things. It is as if no one thinks before they speak anymore.

These people are responsible for bringing down your spirit just because they can’t measure up. Well there is a reason for that. Everyone is different. People forget that we aren’t all meant to be the same. We have different opinions and interests.

Haters can either be great motivators, or powerful destroyers. It’s all about how you handle the situation. You can’t let the haters define you. Take the power away from them and control your own feelings. Walk with your head held high. Don’t stop writing because of some bad reviews. Don’t stop singing because of some bad critiques. Whatever you do, don’t cry because of hateful words. Laugh because that person has less self esteem than you.

I personally think that these people who carry this hate need to look in the mirror. They need to look into their own eyes. Discover what makes them hate so much. Before anyone can love someone else they need to love themselves. Without love, there is only hate.

I find it funny when I read comments in the comment section of my posts and find the most outrageous things. “Dumb blonde, white trash, dumb whore.” My favorite is that some people feel I should keep a diary instead of writing for the Internet. But I have to laugh, that’s what we all have to do. I’m also not writing this post for any type of sympathy or recognition. I just simply want people to have more confidence and the fearlessness to not care what others think.

Look at Rachel Hodin, she made a video about her worst hate comments. I found this video to be hilarious, because that is what she wanted. She wants to prove that those hateful comments don’t bother her. Matt Saccaro, another amazing writer on TC made a comment that really made me think. “Comments sections are the ghettos of the Internet; avoid them at all costs.” My first thought was YES, he is absolutely right! If someone doesn’t have anything nice to say, then why say anything at all? But then I began to wonder why he feels this way.

Comment sections are a place to spark ideas and opinions. I believe that lately they have been taken out of hand. The hate and evil that makes its way into comment sections has ruined the whole experience for some people. I wrote a post not too long ago about the beauty of starting a dialog in the comments section. I don’t find these friendly heated debates very often, instead I find hurtful and brash expletives thrown around. There is no need for this. The point I’m trying to make is negativity breeds’ negativity. Positive vibes are what we should be sending out into the world.

So with that said…Be kind to the haters. Kindness really can kill. Who can hate someone who is so sweet? Let the haters see who you really are, be your true self. Don’t read the nasty comments. Don’t listen to the snarky reviews. Don’t be sad. Just turn on a great song, dance like no one is watching, and sing at the top of your lungs. Don’t let the haters stop you. Because no matter what there will always be taters out there who are gonna tate. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Flickr / Vox Efx

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