4 Reasons Why I Want To Date My Father

Did I get you with the title? I figured I would. No, I’m not some crazy person who is interested in incest. Neither am I a gold digging sugar baby. I honestly just have a love for my dad that I have found rare among girls my age.

Describing me as a daddy’s girl is an understatement. My life has solely revolved around my dad for the past 12 years. After my mom left he was all I had left. We became each others support system. He is my rock, he is my hero, and he is the most solid thing I have in my life. I can’t imagine life without him. I rely on him for almost everything.

Not only can I count on my dad, but he can count on me. We take turns making dinner and washing the dishes. We do an equal amount of chores around the house. He makes me breakfast after my late nights out. I clean up after his poker games with the guys. It is a simple relationship where we give and take but always think of each other. This is why I want to date a man just like my father.

1. We take trips together.

We both love to travel. We spent a week at the beach, just enjoying the sun and the waves. We went to Washington D.C. and enjoyed the museums and monuments. We love to try new recipes and enjoy new food. We have a common thirst for knowledge and we both like to experience new things. I would love to find a guy who enjoys these things too. I want a guy who will travel with me to new places and want to see new things.

2. He loves to hang out with my friends.

My friends come over for drinks or to just hang by the pool. He is always willing to make food or delicious pina coladas. He loves to catch up with my girls and he always remembers what they told him when he saw them last. He cracks jokes and tells stories. He loves to join in on our conversations and give advice. He treats my friends with respect and genuinely cares about them. Even better all of my friends love him. His charm is infectious and they all want to hang out with him because he is so much fun. The next guy I date would hopefully feel the same way about my friends. If he is like my dad my friends will like him too.

3. He knows how to fix everything.

I bet most girls can say this about their dads, and I feel that it is a rare thing with guys my age. My dad can fix anything. He works on my car and always knows what is wrong with it. He can fix any problem practically all of the time. Half of the things in my house are still running because of him. A handy guy is hard to find. I think it is extremely attractive that a guy can fix or build things. My dad did the sweetest thing for me this past Christmas. He built me a custom shoe rack. I have a lot of shoes but a small closet. He bought some wood, measured the space in my room, the size of my shoe, and counted how many shoes I have. He sanded, stained and painted a clear coat on the wood to make it shiny. He put time and love into my gift and I can honestly say it is the best gift I can ever been given. Most guys wouldn’t take the time to build something that it so useful to me. Most guys my age would go out and buy a crappy shoe rack, but my dad is special.

4. Best of all he understands me.

He knows exactly who I am. I don’t have to hide who I am when I am with him. He has known me my whole life. He does do the typical dad stuff. He always looks out for my well being. He checks the oil in my car on a regular basis. He tells me to be careful every Friday night before I go out. But what made me realize that I want to date a guy like him are the little things he does. He leaves me alone when he knows I am angry. He understands that for me to calm down, I need my space. He never brings up my mom because he knows how it upsets me. When I am upset he doesn’t prod, he waits for me to be ready to talk about it. He cooks my favorite soup when I am sick. He is my best friend and I love the relationship that we have.

I once heard that the only guy a girl can trust is her dad. I believe this to be true. All I want is a guy who comes close to the man that my father is. I learned how to be a hard worker and determined from him. He taught me how to be respectful and trustworthy. All of these qualities he carries throughout his everyday life. If I can find a man like that, then I wouldn’t ever leave him. I wonder every day what made my mom leave this amazing man who I call my dad. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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