6 Creepy Murders Most People Haven’t Heard Of

My go-to binge shows are always True Crime – from Forensic Files to Snapped – I am obsessed. This fascination with ‘Murder Porn’ has taken me down some delightfully dark rabbit holes — these are the 6 creepiest crimes I have uncovered.

The Murder Of Uroko Onoja


A Nigerian man was raped to death by his wives in 2012. Uroko Onoja was married to six women; while having sex with his youngest wife, the other five enter the bedroom with knives and sticks, demanding he have sex with each of them. Mr. Onoja definitely died trying – he performed as his wives had ordered, but by the time his fifth wife was making her way to the bed, he stopped breathing.

Allegedly, the women had planned their takeover, and it is believed Uroko resisted his wives before submitting to their demands. Realizing the consequences of their forced marathon sex session, five of the six wives ran off into the forest; two have been charged with his murder and rape.

I’m not sure which is detail is creepier; that the man had six wives, or that each wife wanted to have sex with her husband while the others watched.

Murdering Sister Maids

In February 1933, French sisters Christine and Lea Papin worked as live-in maids for the Lancelin family in Le Mans, France. After the wife and adult daughter of Monsieur Lancelin failed to show up at a planned dinner, he returned home concerned. Finding the doors locks from the inside, Lancelin fetched the police for help and they encounter a gruesomely creepy scene – both wife and daughter were discovered beaten to death and missing their eyes. Mrs. Lancelin’s eyes were found folded in her scarf with the daughters discarded on the floor nearby. And as if it couldn’t get any creepier, the sisters were discovered upstairs, lying in bed together, naked. Furthermore, it was later determined the sisters had used their fingers to gouge out the women’s eyes. Both the Papin sisters were found guilty; after eight years, Lea was released for good behavior, while Christine (who had been transferred to an asylum) eventually died of cachexia or, ‘wasting away’.

The Murder of Bobby Joe Stinnett

In 2004, twenty-three-year-old Bobby Joe Stinnett was found viciously slain in her Missouri home; she was 8 months pregnant. It appeared Mrs. Stinnett had been strangled and her baby cut from her womb, the baby, however, was not located at the scene. The premature newborn was later recovered at the farmhouse of thirty-six-year-old Lisa Montgomery. Mrs. Montgomery (who was known for faking pregnancies and miscarriages) was arrested, charged and convicted of murder and kidnapping, received the death penalty.

The infant survived and was reunited with her father.

The Murder of Helle Crafts


In 1979 flight attendant Helle Craft suddenly went missing from her home in Connecticut. Her friends and family were given a variety of excuses for her strange disappearance by her husband, pilot Richard Craft. However, it was known Helle had recently learned of her husband numerous affairs and had filed for divorce; those who knew Helle, grew suspicious of Richard and the investigation eventually led to his arrest.

The investigation revealed Mr. Craft beat his wife with a blunt object and froze her body; he destroyed the blood-stained carpets, took said frozen body to the lake and dismembered her with a chainsaw. Mr. Craft proceeded to put the body parts of Mrs. Craft through a wood chipper, undoubtedly to dispose of her body. He was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years and will be eligible for parole in 2021. Fargo anyone?

Lake Oconee Murders

This creepy 4-year-old cold case happened in Lake Oconee, GA. Russell and Shirley Dermond were nearly 90 years old when their friends found them viciously murdered in their own home. It was clear the murders were personal: there was no sign of forced entry, nothing was taken from their home, and both murders had ultimately been an overkill. 88-year-old Russ was found in his garage, decapitated – the attacker even placed sandbags around Mr. Dermond’s body to prevent blood from spilling out under the garage door. Fishermen discovered 87-year-old Shirley floating in the lake, 5 miles from her home – she had been savagely beaten to death and her body had been weighted down.

What may be creepier than the way which killer had gone to great lengths to slay these two elderly people, is that this case is still cold – four years later. There was absolutely no evidence found, including biological. No witnesses have come forward and there have been zero leads. It’s as if someone (or something) evil, brutally attacked the pair, then eerily vanished.

The Murder of John Price

Katherine Knight experienced a few abusive relationships (she being the abuser), the relationship with husband John Price, was no different. After a series of violent altercations, Price had obtained a restraining order against his wife Katherine. One evening (while the Price children were away) Katherine snuck into the house while her husband was sleeping, after casually watching TV and taking a shower she seduced him until he willingly had sex with her. However, neighbors and coworkers were concerned when John failed to show up for work; the police went to investigate and were met with a scene so grim, you’d only find it in a Stephen King book.

Allegedly, Price was roused from his after-sex slumber by his wife stabbing him with a butchers knife. Forensic evidence showed he had put up a good fight (even escaping out the front door) before Katherine dragged him back inside and left him in the hall where he finally bled to death. This Stalker Murderess then became even creepier – It was discovered Catherine had skinned and hung her late husband from a meat hook in their home. She proceeded to decapitate and dismember the body, Kathrine then cooked parts of Mr. Price and elegantly plated the meat and paired it with delicately cooked veggies and gravy. Thoughtfully placing each dish on the dinner table, besides handwritten place cards, it was clear, Catherine had envisioned serving the children their father for dinner.

And the disturbing details continue; John’s head was found boiled in a pot along with veggies and his dismembered body arranged at the table to indicate John himself drinking a soda, with legs crossed.

Katherine Knight was on the floor, in a comatose, after trying to commit suicide. She was eventually found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without any chance of parole – making her the first woman in Australia to receive such a sentence. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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