8 Ways To Make New Friends In A New City

Moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone or where anything is can be thrilling and terrifying all at the same time. Here is how you can get out there and begin your new life.

1. Get to know your co-workers

This is a given. You will interact with your coworkers more than anyone during the week if you work a standard work week. Hang out with them each chance you can because they’ll be able to show and tell you everything about the area. They can also be very beneficial for that day when your car decides to not start.

2. Instead of living by yourself, find a roommate around your age that is from the area

I don’t recommend looking for a roommate on craigslist if you can avoid it. There are plenty of websites with a diverse group of people looking for a roommate in the city you moved to. That roommate could potentially become the best friend you didn’t think you would ever meet.

3. Join a social sport organization

There are things such as social sport groups. You participate with a team and afterwards go to a sponsored bar to get to know each other better. I highly recommend this for anyone whether you’re athletic or not.

4. Find a bar you enjoy and get to know the regulars

If you find your go to bar then definitely get to know the people that go daily. Those regulars could easily become your wing (wo)man, and be your friend that you can count on to go out with. The buddy system is always better than going out and drinking alone.

5. Contact old acquaintances that live in the area

Sometimes you lose touch with a long lost friend, or there’s that classmate that annoyed you in class, but was really nice to you. Either way you should contact them. It’s easier to get to know someone better that you are familiar with.

6. Use dating websites

Dating websites are a way to meet people of the opposite gender in your new city that are also looking for a friend/mate. It’s a way to play in the city and try that restaurant you’ve been dying to eat at. Heck, you might even meet your future mate on one of them.

7. Volunteer for events in your city

Many people want to relax in their down time, but spending one day volunteering at an event could change your outlook on so many different things. It’s a great way to give back to the community while getting to know new people that could end up being your bff.

8. Google what you want to do

Google can answer almost any question. Google what you want to do whether it is knitting, surfing, taking a trapeze class, anything. Just make sure you get out there because that is the only way you will make new friends and get to know your new beloved city to the fullest. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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