Why I Decided To Give Up On Us, Rather Than To Keep Fighting


My friends always asked me why I easily turned my back on you, or why I didn’t even try to fight for us harder. They always told me that I should have weighed things thoroughly, that our memories were worth much more than your mistake.

But why weren’t our memories enough for you not to commit that mistake?

Maybe it wasn’t me who was unable to weigh things, maybe it was you in the first place.

“Babe, we were only texting,” you say. Yes, you were only texting for four months while assuring me that you were not talking to anyone else. You only changed her contact name for me to not know. You were only telling her the things you chose not to tell me. You were just interested how her day went. You just wanted to check on her every day.

Yes, you were only texting.

I tried to understand that maybe you just found a friend in her, but when I asked you if you liked her you said you didn’t know, that, I couldn’t understand.

As I looked into your eyes, it all made sense. You had fallen for someone else. And as much as I wanted to lie to myself and believe that the stars I am seeing in your eyes were not just a reflection of the ones in mine, I couldn’t help but notice that I was the only one who wanted to keep on going. I knew there was nothing else left for me to do, but to give up rather than to keep on fighting. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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