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Read This If Everyone Has A Boyfriend But You

When everyone has a boyfriend but you, you spend countless nights reliving all the memories from when you weren’t this alone. You think, “I’ll be happy once someone loves me again.” You know that’s not true, but it feels that way. And isn’t that all that matters? How it feels?

4 Reasons You Should Spend The Money On Having Your Laundry Professionally Done

I’ve developed an addiction to having my laundry done for me. Not just having it done for me…but actually paying someone to take care of it. Which is slightly different than the unmatched joy that came from having my mom do it for me, fo’ free, while technically being an “adult” in college. That’s not an addiction – that’s just straight resourceful. This time, it’s me just being…lazy, whiny, irresponsible, or quite possibly – a genius.

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