11 Things To Look For In Your Person


1. Find someone who doesn’t just call you beautiful, but makes you feel it.

2. Be with someone who makes it exciting to be up early on a Monday morning, when you have class in an hour.

3. You need someone who can comfort you with the look in their eyes when you tell them that you’ve had a bad day.

4. Don’t look for the person who takes you on the fancy dates, but someone who makes it fun to go grocery shopping with.

5. When you’re in your car and you hear that song, yeah THAT song, and you think of them, find THAT person.

6. Be the couple that’s so good together, you don’t need a filter, hashtag or Instagram photo to prove it.

7. Find a guy that will still open the car door for you.

8. Or offer you his hoodie when it’s cold.

9. Find someone who will sit through your favorite show with you, even when they would much rather be watching the football game that’s on.

10. Someone who reminds you that your flaws are not a bad thing.

11. Wait for someone who keeps you sane, but drives you crazy in all the right ways. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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