The Importance Of Having A Huge Vision For Your Life


Vision is at the heart of how I share my life’s mission. Inspiring and empowering you to create a life that you love is deeply linked to making your vision a reality.

But before we dive in I must clarify what I mean by HUGE.

First of all I don’t mean emphasizing on the actual size of your desires.

It’s not about having the biggest house on the block, having the most amount of money in the bank, or driving the most luxurious car. It’s not even about having more of anything really.

What I mean by HUGE is that your vision reflects your most authentic self. The person within you who shines bright. Loves freely. Spreads kindness like confetti. And who is so genuinely happy about the life that they are living day in and day out.

The vision you are painting brings out the person you want to be in this world. It is the roadmap to making your life a masterpiece. Singing your song. Writing your script. Sharing your art. Expressing your voice. Loving your life. It’s the wand to your wizardry. The secret ingredient to your love potion.

It’s magic really.

So that’s what I mean by HUGE. Got it?

Here are 9 reasons why having a HUGE vision for your life is so important:

1. The vision for your future helps you live in the moment.

Seeing what you want your future to look like helps you trickle back to the present day and ask yourself “who do I need to be today to be the person that I want to be tomorrow.” In my experience having clarity around my vision has made the biggest difference in my being able to live in the moment.

One of the elements of my vision that most influences my choices today are that I see myself being healthy and fit till I’m at least 100 years old. I see playing with my future kids, participating in the sports that I love, and feeling amazing in my vehicle…aka my body. That’s why today I woke up early and went for a hike, unrolled my mat, and drank a smoothie.

So ask yourself, “who do I need to be today to be the person that I want to be tomorrow?”

2. It reminds you what’s truly important in your life.

When I look at my vision board or read my vision statement I am instantly reminded of the things that are most important in my life. Each of my core values are represented.

Whenever I feel off centre I look at my vision board and realize that love, health, quality, inspiration, growth, and fun are the rudders to my ship. Within seconds I feel wind in my sails and I keep moving towards the horizon that is my vision.

3. It helps you stay true to your desires and block out what others think you “should” do and be.

“You should do this”

“You should go there”

“You should try that”

People will tell you that you should be, see, and do a lot of things. Some that might actually be incredibly interesting and fascinating. However it is impossible for us to do everything in this lifetime. We never know when our time will be up and therefore we have important choices to make.

In the process of creating your vision you are challenged to truly ask yourself what you want most out of life.

Key word here is most.

Your vision will reveal your priorities. When you include a practice of integrating your vision into your day to day life you will increase the speed at which you get focused on these. In a world where we are bombarded with options, your vision will allow you to feel peaceful as you commit to your focal points.

Note, prioritizing and choosing what you want most out of life doesn’t create FOMO, “fear of missing out.”

In fact, it allows you to say:

WOW. Thanks life for giving me so many options. I really appreciate all that you are offering at this buffet. Thanks for letting me enjoy moments of fantasy as I contemplate these options. I’m going to pass on most of these as what I have chosen to put on my plate just feel so damn good right now. But if I change my mind I know that I can count on you to reveal these endless options if I come back for seconds and start fresh. You’re so awesome life. I really love you. Thanks for reminding me that the only person that I should ever really be is myself. Thanks for having my back.”

(Insert fist pump to the air)

4. It motivates you to show up day after day, even when you don’t want to.

There are days when you just want to stay in bed and re-watch the entire Gossip Girl series. Or is that just me?

Let’s assume that you too have those days where you kind of just don’t want to be anyone. You know, when you want to give your “Super Awesome Human Being” role an extended vacation?

When you have a HUGE vision for your life it will show up on these days. Your heart will whisper,

Hey love. I know that you don’t want to show up today. I get it. But I want to remind you that you everything that you need to make today incredible. If you need to rest, please rest. But if you simply need a reminder of the person you are capable of being then here the vision of what’s in store for you.

And then your heart will play your vision right before your mind’s eyes.

You will smile, perhaps cry a few tears of joy, and put your cape on to play the superhero that your vision wants you to be.

5. It cultivates faith and belief, especially when you feel discouraged.

Some people need to see it to believe it. Others need to believe it to see it. In any case all kinds of people need vision.

And if you ever feel discouraged from the obstacles that life throws your way, your vision will be there to lift you back up when you’re ready.

*Remember the obstacles are there to show your strength. Build your courage. Remind you what you are capable of. And yes, sometimes they are also there to show you that you need to review your vision, change it, and update it.*

6. It gives you the power to create your life.

This one’s for the control freaks and artists. I’m a little bit of both. I kind of feel like a badass when I create my vision.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if I could get paid to travel and do what I love? Fu*k yeah!”

That thought then went on my vision board and a few years later, I think it took about two years, I was on a plane headed to Costa Rica to lead a yoga retreat.

In reviewing my vision more recently I thought “Wouldn’t it be cool if I drove across the country and lived by the ocean?” Now I’ve sold nearly all of my possessions and am planning to drive across Canada and the US to go live in British Columbia.

Call me a control freak or consider me an artist. I’m sticking to badass with a little dash of committed to the extraordinary, and I’ve got my vision to thank for these sweet things in my life.

7. It allows you to see opportunities all around you.

A few years ago I envisioned myself being interviewed on TV. I didn’t by who, for what, or how this would happen.

Then I received an email that Breakfast Television was shooting a segment at the spin studio I went to. They were inviting me to come spin ridiculously early to fill the studio during the shoot.

I thought “opportunity baby!”

I prepared a proposal letter for the show’s producers and brought it with me that morning. I spotted the producer and introduced myself. I gave her the folder that I had specifically created and said “I was told that to get what you want in life you must seek out opportunities and make things happen. Would love to be on your show and support what you guys are up to.”

A week or so later I was contacted to be on the show.

8. It makes it easier for others to contribute to your success.

Waitress – “What would you like?”

You – “I don’t know”

Waitress – “That’s not something that we serve here.”

If you don’t know what you want you will either get nothing or someone else’s orders. But if you know what you want that is exactly what you’ll get. And if you show up as a loving and kind human being, chances are it will show up in ways better than you could have imagined.

Living with an “I don’t know” vision is lame. Ditch that because life doesn’t serve that vision.

9. It makes room for magic and the unimaginable to become available.

Don’t take my word for it. Create your vision and tell me about all the magical things that start happening in your life. I dare you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Melissa Colleret is a life coach, speaker, and yoga instructor from Montreal.

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