This Is The Kind Of Fate No One Ever Talks About

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The funny thing about fate is you never know what kind of fate will hit you.

Let’s say you meet someone. And they’re super cute. You find yourself intertwined with them. Your conversation seems to be never ending. You learn what kind of music they like. Your mind instantly goes wild, they like the same music! But then, it gets better! You guys have the same favorite movie. A movie most of your current friends never heard of or seen and there’s this person in front of you telling you that not only is it their favorite movie but they loved the books too. You melt instantly. Throughout the night, the conversation goes into stories about stupid shit you guys have both been through. Music is playing in the background and they tell you they can totally rap the upcoming verse. You laugh and say “prove it” and they do. They prove it. And it’s fucking hilarious.

Throughout the entire night, your mind secretly wanders into a realm of complete happiness. It’s the first time in a long time, you spoke to anyone. And what’s the coincidence the person you do speak to is so much like you? How is this person is so great and nice? And cute. Did you say cute already? Your mind tells you it’s fate. Fate. Fate. Fate. And while you’re telling some stupid story of how you broke your ankle, your mind is playing these made up sequence of events. Your first date together. You bragging to your friends about this incredible person you met. Your mind and heart are happy because fate finally swooped in.

Usually at this point, you begin to pull away. It’s too good. But this is better than good. This is great. And you’ve never had great before. Therefore, it must be real. This is happening.

But no one ever told you there were different kinds of fate.

You’re expecting love fate.

Yet, that’s not that what swooped in.

While you’re standing there completely in awe, the other person is glancing down at their phone, waiting for their girlfriend or boyfriend to text them back. They think you’re cool, definitely. You guys even exchanged numbers in the middle of your conversations. But they have no intention of hitting you up to see when you want to go out on that “date” you already planned.

You’re going to be disappointed when a month passes and no text rolls through. You’re going to double guess that entire night when the conversations you do have fade out faster than the temporary color you put in your hair. You’re going to be so angry at yourself for believing something could come from that. You’re going to stop believing in fate.

But then you’ll see them again. That person. You’ll want to create some kind of distance between the two of you. You want to establish some kind of invisible barrier, “I’m not falling for this again.” Yet, you can’t help but talk to this person. They make you laugh. They help you through an uncomfortable situation. They sit with you in complete silence. They’ll even buy you a drink or two. You’ll scream at each other because you both suck at pool and keep losing to the other team. You guys laugh at each other because neither of you can get a single damn ball into one of the six holes.

And that’s when you realize it. Right there, in the middle of those laughing screams. It was fate.

Fate brought you a friend you never knew you needed. TC mark

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