This Trending Hashtag Proves Many Trump Supporters Don’t Give A Crap About Women’s Rights

Like most other individuals, I honestly didn’t think that Donald Trump or his supporters could do or say anything more horrendous than they already had.

Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Last Friday, the now infamous tape of Trump talking about women (and confessing to sexual assault) was released. When confronted about this tape during the debate, he dismissed it as “locker room talk,” which is interesting because firstly, I’m pretty confident that men don’t spend their time in locker rooms confessing to sexual assault, and secondly, he wasn’t even in a locker room. To no one’s surprise, although lost some support from other politicians in his party, the release of this tape did little to alter the views of his fans.

On Wednesday, Trump supporters took their blind infatuation to a whole new level when Nate Silver of tweeted out an image showing the current split between male and female voters in the election.

And the follow-up tweet:

Basically, if only women voted, Hillary Clinton would win, and if only men voted, Donald Trump would win. This says a lot about the supposed “great” relationship Trump claims to have with the women in his country.

When Trump supporters got a look at this map, they decided that the solution was to take away women’s right to vote and started using the (now trending) hashtag #RepealThe19th on Twitter.

And it wasn’t just men tweeting either, numerous women who support Donald Trump took to Twitter using the hashtag, saying that they would be willing to “give up” their right to vote in order to make him president.

It’s difficult to find words when you see #RepealThe19th trending in 2016. It’s horrifying. It’s disappointing. But is it really surprising? Is it surprising that people who support a man that was happily talking about sexually assaulting a woman on tape would call to take away a woman’s right to vote?

If we’ve learned anything from this hashtag, it’s that women will make a big difference during this election. So women, please go vote. Men, you can wait till November 28th. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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