12 Lessons We Learned From Gilmore Girls

It’s official! Our favorite TV pair are going to be blessing our screens with their quick wits and sarcasm again this fall. Gilmore Girls will be back on Netflix for FOUR more 90 minute episodes on November 25th. In commemoration of this event, I decided to think back on all my years of watching (and re-watching) the show, and I realised that I learned a lot of important lessons from these beautiful bubbly characters. Here are 12 important life lessons I learned from Lorelai and Rory:

1. Coffee is life.

2. If you’re going to throw your life away for a boy, make sure he’s cool.

3. The importance of cake.

4. When in doubt, drink.

5. To live life to the fullest.

6. No one likes Mondays.

7. Food is always the answer.

8. You don’t have to date everyone (or everything) you’re attracted to.

9. You don’t always end up with the people you love…and that’s okay.

10. We can’t help who we love.

11. To appreciate our mothers, and love our daughters.

12. It is a lifestyle and a religion.

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