Getting Through Heartbreak Could Be The Best Thing To Ever Happen To You

It feels like your world is ending. It’s been almost 2 months and you’re still not over them. You’ve tried to stop yourself, but you can’t help but scope out their lives from afar.  They’ve moved on, they’re happy; yet you still wake up every morning thinking about them.  And even though they’ve told you they’re not in love with you anymore, your heart won’t let go of hope that maybe one day that will change. The pain of a heartbreak is different from any other pain you will ever experience. Psychological pain manifests itself into physical pain. Heartache is no longer a metaphor, your heart will actually begin to ache.  You’ve heard that this could last for years, but you can’t even fathom feeling this way for another second. 

But one day, when you don’t even notice it, you won’t have to force yourself out of bed.  They may still be on your mind, but eventually that will fade and you’ll start looking forward to the day ahead of you. After a while, you’ll catch yourself smiling throughout the day, even if just for a second. You’ll laugh at jokes, and make a few of your own.  You’ll actually start to feel something other than sadness. Then one day you’ll realize what’s happening, and you’ll start thinking about the future again, things you want/need to do, and you might not get to them right away, but at least you thought about it.

You’ll start to care about yourself again instead of making someone else the center of your universe.  And though they may still take up about 99.9% of your thoughts, you still thought about yourself the other .01%.  And soon, that will turn in to 5%, then 10%, then eventually you’ll become your first priority. You’ll start doing things that you used to love doing, things you haven’t done in years. Things that you haven’t done since before you were in a relationship.  

You will also find new hobbies, you will discover new things about yourself that you wouldn’t of found when you were a part of a pair. You won’t skip past the happy songs on the radio because you can’t relate to them, you might even sing along, and if it’s a really good song, you’ll dance. It will start to get easier to make it through the day. You still will cry every now and then. But not as nearly as much as you did before. You’ll start recognizing that person staring back at you in the mirror and you’ll start to appreciate them again. You’ll start to love yourself.

Don’t ever doubt your strength, even when you’re feeling so weak. Because you are strong, you will make it through this. And the next time you find yourself fading away to that dark place you took so long to get out of. Remember that it gets better. It always gets better. Realize that the journey back to happiness is the biggest opportunity for you to fall in love with yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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