Life Is Better With You

I’d be happy anywhere in the world, as long as it’s with you.

Traveling with you is easy, you make things fun while keeping an open mind and heart for spontaneous soul quenching adventures. You don’t inconvenience me with your needs, but rather you go with the flow and require no special motivation to do what I want. Everything in the world slows down when you’re around, and I’m fully present with just a breath in each moment. We spend our existence together aware of all the magic swirling around and within us. With you, life is not always packed with epic adventures, but rather a healthy blend of mindfulness practices, good food, healthy routines, mental challenges as well as a lot of learning and growth. Life always feels full, with nothing missing. Grateful for everything, and needing nothing more. A simplistic swirling space of beauty in being. Living feels weightless, as if floating on fresh powder or lifted on a glassy ocean wave.

Love with you is in unlimited supply and not needed for fulfillment; it’s truly an added bonus of humanness. Never greedy, or withdrawing, or surrounded by doubts, but rather a sweet coating of juicy sparkle. Kindness in its finest state. Sweetness in a healthy embrace. Effervescent joy that spreads within and throughout the world effortlessly.

Simplistic, safe and everything but ordinary.

This is the love I desire; a ‘happy anywhere in the world with you’ kind of love. The most beautiful part of it all is that such a love is already here within. I am that love. I have given myself permission to no longer wait or search for this love in someone else, as I’ve found it within my being.

For so long I’ve had it backward. I have been striving to give that sort of love to someone else when all along I’ve been craving it for myself. Yes, there is something special about sharing in love with someone else, but how can you share in something you’ve never given yourself permission to have and be?

Dear Being; I’d go anywhere in the world with you. You are my first, and forever, the greatest love of my life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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