Being A Creative Is Difficult, But I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

If you are a creative—an artist, a writer, a musician, etc.— some of this may resonate with you. Honestly, I wish I had been born with an aptitude for STEM or the tenacity it takes to be a lawyer or in business. Something like that. But no, God had other plans for me.

You see, I am a musician and a writer. A double-whammy of creative fortitude. A perfect storm of insatiable drive to create something pleasing to the ears or masterful in language. That is a huge fundamental problem with being a creative.

The void. The anxiety. The loneliness.

Although those who are close to you admire your talent, creativity is often a solo venture. Even now, as I type this, I am alone in my room, and even if someone were with me, I wouldn’t be useful in that moment, anyway. My thoughts are focused on bringing thoughts to words.

Artistry is constant. It’s insatiable. Your heart longs more than anything to express your soul. You walk through life observing every detail and wonder what it would look like in song, in a portrait, or in the last line of that poem you’ve been mulling over.

Artistry cannot be ignored. It is ingrained in you. You cannot take more than a few steps without something calling to mind your need to be an artist. Are you singer? Do you absentmindedly hum at work? Do you tap drums beats with your fingers? Do you draw? Sketches in between the pockets of your day, in lull during a meeting? It can be intrusive, but not in a way that is unwelcome. It is vital to your life, just as breathing is.

Artistry must be shared. It would be a shame to hide your work away (although I am sure there are many among us who do create in the shadows). How lucky we are that we have these avenues to share our work — open mic nights or an art showcase at the local library!

Not everyone understands this insatiable need inside of you. Some may find it difficult to relate. You could also just be wired a little differently. And that is 100% okay! Wear your uniqueness with pride. No one else can create the same song as you, write the same poem, or create the same landscape on a canvas. You are in charge of your happiness, and your artistry goes hand in hand with it. We are all waiting to see what you create! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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I own 9 musical instruments.

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