He Said ‘I’d Rather Have You And Miss You Than Not Have You At All’

via Unsplash - Montse Monmo
via Unsplash – Montse Monmo

“I’d rather have you and miss you than not have you at all.”

You said that to me on our second date. After I told you I was leaving in three weeks.

It was beautiful. And insightful. And it woke the butterflies in my heart, because even though we had only met once before, I knew you were somebody special, and I didn’t want to lose you yet. 

I don’t know what it was about you, but you made me feel like we had been friends our entire life. Despite coming from vastly different backgrounds, I felt like you understood everything about me. When I was with you, everything felt easy.

Three weeks isn’t a lot of time, but it’s enough if you do it right. And we did. We filled it to the brim with as many smiles and stories and kisses that we could. We laughed and we danced and we cuddled and we celebrated.

We squeezed out every ounce of each other, and only the highest quality nectar dripped out.

Perhaps it’s best we only got three weeks. We got all the perks of being a couple without any of the downfalls. With three weeks, there was no time to discover each other’s flaws or faults. There was no need for bickering or arguments. There was only bliss. 

And because of that, our memories will forever stay that way – preserved in perfection.

And I will always cherish those memories. And I’ll look back on them fondly when I’m missing you.

I’ll miss you because you’re cozy – in every sense of the word. I’ll miss you because when I’m lying in your arms I feel comfortable and at peace.

I’ll miss you because you make me laugh, and you make me think, and you make me see things from an angle I wouldn’t otherwise.

I’ll miss you because you unknowingly assuaged some of my deepest fears and insecurities, and because I never got to thank you properly.

I’ll miss you because you play with my hair, and because you bite my lip when you kiss me.

I’ll miss you because you’re the most interesting person I’ve met in a long time.

But I’ll miss you with a smile, because missing you means that at one point, you were mine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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