27 Signs You And Your Significant Other Basically Are The Heart Eyes Emoji

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1. You frequently wonder, aloud, if any other couple has it as good as you guys do—as if you’re the very first people to experience true love—because you honestly can’t imagine any other relationship being as good as what you have.

2. You regularly say hyperbolic things like “You are my universe!” and “I’m nothing without you,” but such statements don’t ring at all over-the-top to either of you.

3. You refuse to leave each other’s presence—not even for just a few hours—without exchanging hugs, kisses, and I love you’s.

4. You have several ridiculously cutesy nicknames for each other.

5. And countless inside jokes that never cease to amuse.

6. Plus, you’re known to do super weird, adorable (to you two, at least) dances in each other’s company.

7. You can do totally gross things around each other, and it’s somehow totally appealing. Or at least not totally unappealing.

8. You can’t believe you ever thought you were in love before this.

9. You marvel at how you were once so ignorant and silly. You thought you knew what love was, but you had NO IDEA—yet.

10. You get sad at the very thought that if you hadn’t met, you wouldn’t know such love was possible.

11. Sometimes, you get upset because you’re so damn happy and it doesn’t seem like feeling so awesome could possibly be sustainable.

12. Except that it is! As long as you’re together. Which is amazing.

13. But also terrifying. Because if you were to lose your significant other, you honestly don’t know how you’d go on.

14. And you’re unafraid to admit that. “I don’t know what I’d do without you,” you say. Or, “There’s NO POINT, if we’re not together.”

15. When you say these things, you might know on some level that you’re well past the point of reason or logic. But you don’t care.

16. If love means living in a perpetual bubble padded with platitudes, you’ll take it!

17. You’ve pondered the reality that loving your partner might just be your greatest talent.

18. And so what if your relationship is what you’re really good at?

19. With this kind of love in your life, you don’t really need anything else anyway.

20. You feel fulfilled by your relationship. More than content. Genuinely happy in the most authentic way.

21. When you’re together, you get to be you—always.

22. You’d actually rather die than live without your boyfriend or girlfriend.

23. You don’t need tv or movies or an actual game to entertain each other.

24. You’ve never EVER laughed as hard as you have with them.

25. But you appreciate quiet time together as much as you enjoy being playful or crazy rowdy.

26. Suddenly, terms like “soulmate” and “the one” actually make sense.

27. So does the concept of dying of a broken heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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