You’re Not Really A Couple Until You Experience These 21 Uncomfortable Moments

Emma Frances Logan Barker

When you’re overflowing with love towards your significant other and you have to wonder if it’s even possible for them to feel as strongly about you.

2. When you just can’t suppress that nagging itch to cybersnoop, even if your partner’s done absolutely nothing to make you question their loyalty.

3. When you discover that your boyfriend or girlfriend follows one of their exes and/or “likes” their photos regularly and you feel so fucking betrayed, even though you’re totally guilty of the exact same thing.

4. When you catch yourself flirting with someone else and you can’t help but wonder if your partner flirts outside the relationship too—and, if so, whether they feel at all guilty about it.

5. When a perfect afternoon turns to shit because you resort to fighting about something soooooo stupid and there’s no going back and you know it. Grrrrrr.

6. When you know you’re in the wrong but you just can’t bring yourself to admit it and apologize like a grownup so you end up feeling even worse thanks to your own childishness and bad behavior.

7. When you realize that you’re not perfectly aligned in every single way and you know that that’s okay but you also kind of secretly wish it weren’t that way.

8. When you can’t help shaking the image of your partner cheating (even if they’ve done absolutely nothing to spark your suspicion), and the scenes you imagine drive you insane with jealousy.

9. When you expend a bunch of energy preparing a special meal for your significant other and they arrive home only to express that they’re not really all that hungry.

10. Or when you’re realllllly looking forward to eating at a particular restaurant but you can tell that your boyfriend or girlfriend is just humoring you and that they don’t actually care about the soup dumplings you’ve been dreaming about all week long.

11. When you say something hurtful to your boyfriend or girlfriend in the heat of the moment and you know they’ll forgive you but you also know that the hurt will linger and that you can’t just snap your fingers and reverse the damage.

12. When your partner realllllly wants to share something with you (a hilarious video, an amazing article, a bad joke) that bores you to literal tears so you try (and fail) to pretend that you care.

13. When you’re having a bad day and you know that your grumpiness is bringing your partner down but you dgaf—until you do, and then you feel terrible about being an asshole and you beg and beg and beg for forgiveness.

14. When you’re in a particularly good mood and you can sense that your partner is super sad or even just meh, which frustrates you to no end even though you know it shouldn’t since you expect them to tolerate your sucky moods.

15. When a present you put a whole lot of thought into doesn’t end up resonating the way you’d hoped it would.

16. When you can tell that your significant other desperately wants to get laid so you feign enthusiasm for sex but they know you too well and can sense immediately that you’re putting on a front.

17. So you do it anyway, and it’s satisfying enough for both parties but definitely far from mind-blowing.

18. When one person grabs their partner affectionately in a spot that person feels self conscious about, which automatically taints the moment even though they know you adore them and their body.

19. When your partner suggests an activity (explicit or G-rated) and you can tell they feel really strongly about it but you’re not really into it, like at all.

20. So you go along with it anyway just to please them, but you wonder the entire time whether indulging them was a good idea since they can totally sense your lack of excitement for whatever it is.

21. When one person asks a seemingly innocent question like “Why do you love me?” and it takes the other a millisecond too long to answer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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