50 Little Reminders Every Pregnant Woman Needs To Hear Right Now

1. It’s totally normal to feel terrified—about what’s happening right this second, and what’s to come.

2. Trust your body. It knows exactly what to do.

3. And how cool is THAT? Your body is truly capable of some amazing things.

4. Even on the days you feel like poop—because you’re nauseated AF or you can’t stop yourself from peeing a little every time you sneeze or you can’t snap out of a funk—there’s a reason for it, and it’s a pretty damn good one.

5. Around the corner from every trying moment is a wonderfully reassuring punch, kick, or head butt from that tiny little human growing inside you.

6. Almost everyone walking the planet is the product of the process you’re currently going through, which is pretty fucking awesome if you stop and think about it.

7. If all those other women can do it, you can too!

8. Your body was actually designed to do this, so it’s nothing you can’t handle.

9. The lifestyle changes might seem daunting, but you’re one helluva an adaptable human and you’ve got this.

10. Also, it’s awesome to wake up without a hangover.

11. There’s a reason childbirth is referred to as “labor,” but again, nothing you’re not literally built to withstand.

12. You’re not fat. Every inch of your expanding waistline is a testament to the fact that you’re BUILDING A LIFE.

13. You’re not moody, either. You’re just experiencing some unfamiliar hormonal combos.

14. Yes, it’s your partner’s responsibility to fetch you stuff on demand.

15. And to massage your back and feet upon request.

16. And to listen when you feel like venting and /or weeping for no reason at all.

17. Most food cravings deserve to be answered.

18. If you ever get bored, you can always start daydreaming about what your unborn child will be like.

19. You can also daydream about how powerful it will be to develop a bond with this special person after pushing him or her out of your vagina.

20. Another fun game is to list all the traits you want your kid to inherit (and those you’d really rather they didn’t).

21. People will have lots of advice for you. You don’t have to listen to it.

22. People will also have lots of questions for you. You don’t have to answer them.

23. If someone judges you for your personal pregnancy or parenting choices, feel free to tell them to shut the fuck up.

24. That holds true, even if that someone is a close friend or a family member.

25. If your significant other showers you with unsolicited advice, kindly remind them that you’re the one who knows what’s best for you and the baby that is LITERALLY INSIDE YOU.

26. Of course it’s good to be mindful of what you put into your body, but don’t be so rigorous that you stress yourself out constantly.

27. As well-intended as you may be, freaking out over what you can / cannot eat / drink / do during pregnancy probably isn’t good for your health (or your baby’s).

28. Remember that it’s in the interest of the medical community to be more conservative than necessary with their recommendations for pregnant women. Why? Because no one wants to be sued! It’s a liability issue. So stop fretting over that tiny piece of ham you accidentally ate or those highlights you want to get even though your go-to mommy forum claims it’s a no-no.

29. Online mommy forums are hotbeds of sanctimony.

30. Don’t consult the Internet unless you’re prepared to digest a bunch of BS.

31. It’s probably best not to Google yourself down the rabbit hole when you have a pregnancy related question.

32. Instead, consult trusted female friends and relatives who’re mothers for comfort and answers to those prickly questions.

33. Just don’t compare your experience to other women’s TOO closely because everyone experiences pregnancy and childbirth differently.

34. Pregnancy is NOT a competition.

35. Definitely don’t stress over how much bigger your bump is than another woman’s at the same stage of pregnancy.

36. And do NOT Google famous actresses and supermodels to see what they looked like while pregnant.

37. Oh, and avoid any article related to celebrities and their slender “post baby bodies.”

38. You’ll “get your body back” when the time is right for YOU.

39. It’s not worth freaking out over every little change to your figure. Weird things are going to happen to your body, and you’re going to have to accept that.

40. Always remember that the final product is totally worth every zit that pops up unexpectedly, every cluster of hairs that sprouts up in a super strange place, and every fart that stinks way worse than any other gaseous expulsion that’s ever come out of your body.

41. On the days you can’t help freaking out, give yourself space to melt down. You deserve a minute to grasp the crazy reality of what’s happening to you.

42. When you’re feeling particularly sad for seemingly no reason, remind yourself that the emotional upheaval is all for a good cause.

43. Don’t be afraid to lean on your partner for support.

44. In fact, don’t be afraid to ask anyone in your life for a little extra help.

45. You can’t push yourself TOO hard, physically or emotionally. Your limits are different these days, and that’s okay.

46. When it comes to breastfeeding, don’t pledge to do it for a certain amount of time. You’ll know what’s right for you and your baby once they arrive.

47. There’s no such thing as originality, except when it comes to pregnancy and the phenomenon that is building a completely unique human being. Go you!

48. The truth is, nothing worth doing is ever easy.

49. There’s a baby inside you! And that’s fucking incredible.

50. Conception is awesome and so are you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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