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15 Men Reveal How They Really Feel About Having Sex With Their Pregnant Partner

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1. “My wife has never been hornier. It’s amazing!” — Derek, 30

2. “I hear you have to wait six weeks after birth to do it, so I’m sticking it in as often as possible before the baby comes.” — Kyle, 27

3. “My wife’s body is so different lately, it’s like fucking a whole new person. I’m so into it.” — Ezra, 33

4. “Let’s just say there’s a lot more to hold onto, and I like that. Getting hard just thinking about it…” — Remy, 35

5. “I love the way she looks naked. She’s fucking beautiful and the sex is great.” — Fitzgerald, 25

6. “Not gonna lie, sometimes I feel weirded out because it’s like I’m poking our kid and it messes with my mojo—but not enough to make me lose my erection or get in the way of the action.” — Gareth, 23

7. “This might sound weird or misogynist, but when I see the baby bump, I think, ‘I did that to her,’ and it’s hot.” — Ernesto, 28

8. “Before knocking her up, my wife was a solid, perky B-cup. Now, she’s at least a D. That means titty fucking is suddenly on the table and I’m loving it. We’re both having a ton of fun with her giant breasts.” — Sandip, 26

9. “We’ve had some hilarious moments together in bed as her bump’s gotten bigger, because, you know, you’ve gotta navigate a little more carefully. It gets in the way. But it’s something to laugh about together. And laughing during sex is massively underrated.” — Francis, 31

10. “Ever since she hit the second trimester, her orgasms have been off the charts. That makes it so much fun for both of us. I can only hope the effect is lasting.” — Harold, 30

11. “Pregnant sex is tricky in terms of the positioning and stuff, but it forces you to be more creative and I appreciate that. I think pregnancy is great for a couple’s sex life.” — Alexis, 35

12. “I can tell she doesn’t feel like herself during sex because her body is changing every day, but I see it as my job to make her feel comfortable while we’re making love and I think I’m doing a pretty good job of it.” — Mary, 34

13. “One word: BOOBIESS!!!” — Joey Z, 38

14. “It’s definitely not the same, right? You have to figure out what works, and what doesn’t all over again. But that’s a good thing, especially if you’ve been with each other for awhile already. You’re forced to reenter that exciting initial exploration phase. Definitely can’t complain.” — Cameron, 32

15. “I go more slowly cause I’m not sure what’s going to feel good for her. Certain things we used to do regularly don’t feel great for her anymore, so I try to remain conscious of that. It’s not a problem, though. If anything, it makes us both more mindful and the sex is more intimate as a result.” — Feng, 27 TC mark

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