7 Fun Types Of People Everyone Needs In Their Friend Group

Everything gets better when you live your most authentic life, so don’t hold back. Be bold, like the flavor of Café Bustelo® coffee. We’ve partnered with Café Bustelo to celebrate all the ways you can enjoy life to the absolute fullest by living fearlessly, and being YOU.

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The Prankster / Iced Coffee

The funny bone of your friend group is always armed with a joke or an amusing trick. They might look and smell like regular coffee, but they’re served over ice because there’s something wonderfully surprising about their consistency. Somewhat mischievous but always well meaning, they will do whatever it takes to lighten the mood and crack everyone up when it’s least expected.

The One Who Doesn’t Hold Back / Cafecito

This is the person who’s always orchestrating some amazing last minute adventure. A risk taker by nature, they will rally the group to go out and do something new—like a shot of espresso, sweetened with sugar—often transforming regular afternoons into super memorable occasions. This person thirsts for excitement and their energy is contagious. When they’re around, the desire to chase a thrill seems to infect everyone in the best way possible.

The Perpetual Optimist / Café Con Chocolate

You need this friend for the glint in their eye that tells you there’s always something to be cheerful about no matter how dire things might seem at the time. They can see the proverbial silver lining in every situation, and their authentic positivity makes them incredibly pleasant to be around—like a warm cup of coffee laced with chocolate. They’re the cheerleader of your friend group, capable of lifting everyone’s spirits almost effortlessly.

The One Who’s In-The-Know / Café Con Leche

This is the guy or girl you count on to keep you all in the loop. They’ve got good taste in everything from food to music and clothing, and their finger is smack on the pulse of all the awesome things going down around town. They are a perfectly brewed café con leche, containing the exact right amount of milk (and know-how) to maximize enjoyment for all.

The Mindful One / Iced Coffee Con Leche

This is the friend who chimes in to remind you that it’s okay to slow down a little—to pause and take stock of things rather than rush—ultimately adding tremendous value to everyone’s overall fun. Like an iced coffee con leche, they’re willing to take the extra step of pouring something over ice to make it that much more delightful. Their inner rationale is your squad’s guiding light—the reason you pack water bottles and snacks before a long drive or purchase concert tickets months in advance instead of sitting back and letting the show sell out.

The Hilariously Honest One / Espresso

Straightforward to the core, this friend can’t help blurting out the truth, which leads to some truly hilarious revelations, intentional or not. They’re always giving your friend group a good jolt, like a shot of espresso. They tell it like it is, making bizarre but amusing observations on an ongoing basis about everything from human behavior to the show you just binge-watched together. They’re the person you lean on for a dose of authenticity and a truthful opinion on all matters. Even if their delivery’s a little blunt, you appreciate them for their honesty above all.

The Old Soul / Cortadito

This person might strike an outsider as slightly older than the others because they radiate a certain sense of knowing, as if they’ve been around awhile. Thanks to their wisdom, every word they utter is worth savoring, like a delicious Cortadito. They serve as the group’s counselor, always ready and willing to lend an ear and provide advice to someone in need. Whether you call them at 2am or text at 5am, they’re always quick to answer and hear you out from start to finish. Their very presence puts everyone at ease.

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