9 Ways Even A Lazy Chef Can Impress Guests

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You’ve got better things to do than learn how to bake bread from scratch or prepare the perfect chocolate soufflé. Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert in the kitchen to host a memorable get-together. All you have to do is invest in a few key products that make it easy to play Martha Stewart for the night.

Product 1 - Sushi

1. Surprise everyone with sushi rolls to start.

Sushi is one of those foods people associate with restaurants and takeout, so by serving an assortment of rolls you’ve prepared with a DIY kit to snack on before dinner, you’ll earn major props from guests. The beauty of sushi is that you can prepare it hours in advance and whip it out the refrigerator at the very last minute. Plus, it’s not your typical appetizer, and you are so much more than the typical host.

Product 2 - Citrus

2. Spritz citrus like you mean it.

This clever little contraption lets you blanket any dish with a delicate citrus mist in seconds. Just stick the pointy end into a lemon or lime and push the button. Anyone who wanders by as you wield your special spritzer will wonder when you became such a pro in the kitchen.

Product 3 - Meat Brander

3. Monogram everyone’s meal with an interchangeable meat branding tool.

When you brand a hamburger, steak, or chicken breast with each guest’s initials, it doesn’t even matter if you accidentally overcook the meat. Everyone feels automatically happy when you present them with a truly personalized dinner.

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