You’re Not Really A Couple Until You’ve Sent / Received These 50 Hilariously Loving Texts

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1. Can’t wait to see you!

2. Running 5 behind…

3. You’ll be there on time, right?

4. WTF where are you?

5. ???

6. !!!

7. Seriously. How late are u going to be?

8. Last night was sooooooo amazing;).

8. Let’s do something DIFFERENT this weekend.

9. Missing you SO MUCH today!

10. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of red on your way home.

11. Please tell me you’re in the mood for Chinese food…

12. Did I mention that I love you?

13. A LOT.

14. You’re sexy af.

15. Can we stay in tonight? Just us…

16. Don’t forget to call your mom!

17. What’s up with that Tweet you just sent?

18. Did you just ignore my call?

19. Who are you on the phone with? Why aren’t you answering??!!!

20. If you don’t unfollow all your exes right now, I won’t fuck you later.

21. Whatever…so over it.

22. Tonight: You. Me. GOT.

23. Happy humpday, lover. #killmenow

24. Thanks for being you:)

25. You’ll never guess what just happened….

26. I’m so glad we’re not like them.

27. Listen: You do you and I’ll do me, k?

28. My head hurts.


30. FML

31. Wanna run away and be bartenders in the Caribbean like in Cocktail?

32. Really?????

33. I didn’t mean it like THAT.

34. C’mon….

35. Aren’t we past the silent treatment thing?

36. What are you REALLY trying to say?

37. Shit, you’re an asshole sometimes.

38. Eat me.

39. Whatevs.

40. You fucking suck.

41. I hate you.

42. Don’t come home tonight.

43. It’s over.

44. Don’t bother reaching out.

45. I’m turning my phone off now….

46. Goodbye. For good.

47. hello?

48. I didn’t mean it i’m sorry i take it all back please don’t hate me.

49. I was an asshole i love u can we make up now?

50. Let’s never fight again, k? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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