The Sexiest Thing About You, According To Your ‘Love Language’

Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson

1. Physical Touch

People crave you because you’re so damn good at using your body to make yourself and others feel good. Physicality is your specialty. You know how to move—how to maneuver your limbs, swing your hips, tilt your head, and embrace people. The way you own your physical form and the space you inhabit transforms regular moments into something more. You’re unafraid to sidle up to the object of your affection and place a hand on them somewhere—to connect, flesh to flesh—and that’s impossibly tantalizing. You also feel comfortable in almost all situations, as if you were just meant to be there—sitting or standing or lying on the couch spread eagle—and you have a way of inviting others to feel equally at ease alongside you.

2. Quality Time

People are attracted to your ability to make them feel heard and appreciated. Especially when you’re hanging out with someone you’re actively pursuing, you tend to exude a deliciously calm, collected confidence and your aura is wonderfully contagious. Unlike most, you give those you love your undivided attention without exception, and that doesn’t go unnoticed. Your presence is better than catnip, a bundle of burning sage, or any self-help book. Spending time with you is an enchanting experience, and that’s what makes you so impossible to resist.

3. Words of Affirmation

Who doesn’t love reassurance? No one! That’s why you’re so appealing to others. You provide the loving vote of confidence everyone secretly covets. You elevate the moods of those you’re close to just by walking into the room or picking up the phone because they associate you with such bewitching affirmations. People subconsciously rely on you to transform their “meh” state of mind into one of utter elation because you actually can—just by saying something honest and touching. Your heartfelt, flattering words are powerful, and you know how to wield them to make the people you adore feel better about themselves and the world overall.

4. Acts of Service

Niceness is not to be underestimated, and you fully respect and appreciate that. You are Captain Kind and it’s sexy as hell. You will go out of your way to make someone else’s day go smoother, particularly if you’re trying to woo them. It’s a beautiful quality, especially when you’re in the courting stage of a relationship and you’re doing nice things in overdrive for the person you want to boyfriend or girlfriend.

5. Receiving Gifts

Some people might say they don’t care for gifts—as if they’re above materialism or something—but they would be lying. We’re all responsive to the right present (not something expensive, necessarily, but well thought). The right gift might cost zero cents or a thousand dollars. Whatever the case, in the moment it’s given it will make the recipient feel as if the entire universe is smiling down upon them. You are the arbiter of that kind of happiness. You understand how to orchestrate the most meaningful gestures and turn regular objects into gifts dripping with significance—and when you do, it’s incredibly seductive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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