15 Twenty-Something Women On Why They’d Rather Be Single AF Than Committed To Anyone

Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson

1. “The way I see it, a boyfriend would get in the way of figuring my own shit out. Why bother???” — Marisa, 24

2. “I had my heartbroken once and it ruined me for like six months because I was way too dependent on my boyfriend for way too long. I was a mess until I realized that I need to figure out how to be happy on my own, which is what I’ve been doing ever since. If you can do that, you can kill it at life no matter what happens to you romantically. That’s power, you know?” — Karlie, 23

3. “I truly believe that if you settle down with someone too soon in life, you don’t leave enough room for yourself to grow into who you are.” — Maddie, 26

4. “When you start seriously dating someone, it’s hard to resist thinking about marriage and a family and I know that in order for me to achieve the things I want in life, I need to postpone marriage and family.” — Fiona, 21

5. “I’m all about maintaining a few friends with benefits. Guys are my side hustle. My main focus is on becoming a doctor, which has always been my dream.” — Gretchen, 23

6. “My mom think I’m nuts, but my plan is to find a guy in my mid-thirties. I think I’ll be ready by then for a husband, and maybe a kid or two. But I’m nowhere near that point yet, so for now I Tinder occasionally but it never gets more serious than morning sex or morning after brunch.” — Rose, 27

7. “What’s the upside? Regular sex? It’s not like it’s hard to get laid when I need to. I have fun with guys in bed sometimes, but when it comes my day-to-day, I’m not interested in a tag-along.” — Caroline, 24

8. “Relationships are a responsibility. They require work and if I’m going to work on something these days, it’s going to be school and then my career—not some other person who’s probably too young to know what he wants in life anyway.” — Victoria, 21

9. “I’m a pretty sexual person, so I do lean on guys sometimes to get my needs met. But I’m totally fine hooking up with a few guys here and there without making things complicated.” — Sonya, 22

10. “I’ve never had a boyfriend, and I doubt that I will for another five years or so. No time, no desire.” — Eveline, 23

11. “I’d rather hang out with a bunch of my girlfriends at this stage than snuggle up on the couch and Netflix and Chill or whatever. The whole him-and-her thing is for the 30- or 40- plus set in my opinion.” — Maggie, 25

12. “I don’t envy any of my friends who are in a serious relationship. They spend so much time doing couple-y things. It’s like, WHY? You’re missing out!!!” — Tatiana, 20

13. “I really want to find love one day. But I’m in absolutely no rush because I have other objectives and I don’t want to shelve my goals for any reason, not even true love.” — Sienna, 26

14. “Identifying as one-half of a couple is my actual nightmare. I want to travel and be free and not have to answer questions about where I am of how I’m feeling about this or that constantly. I want to be ME.” — Katie, 21

15. “The guys I know in my age group are soooooo immature, it’s not even worth trying to date them and I’m not about to go older because that’s just gross.” — Ivy, 24 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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