You’re Not Really A Couple Until You Experience These 21 Ridiculously Cheesy Moments

Twenty20, NickBulanovv
Twenty20, NickBulanovv

1. When you’re watching a movie or TV show and a super romantic scene inspires you to glance at each other simultaneously, as if to say, “That’s us, bae,” and then you both return your attention to the screen, feeling slightly embarrassed but mostly encouraged by that delicious demonstration of mutual adoration.

2. When you realize that you’re smiling like crazy as you walk down the street because something just reminded you of your significant other and the very thought of them transforms you into the tears-of-joy emoji.

3. So you reach for your phone just to text them a note plus ten hearts and, of course, several tears-of-joy emojis for no reason other than to bask in the wonderfulness of your connection.

4. Your partner’s reply to your message, whatever it may be—a simple “love ya” or a “let’s get takeout tonight”—prompts you to smile even wider.

5. When you find yourselves stuck in a seemingly endless “No, YOU hang up!” back-and-forth because neither of you wants to get off the phone—actually.

6. And then, seconds after you finally do hang up, one of you calls the other back just to say “goodnight” or “I love you” one last time. Repeat.

7. When you’re both at home and one person sneaks off to the bathroom just to send a funny surprise text or a weird Snap so you can both crack up as soon as it’s discovered by the other party.

8. When either one of you says something like “You are literally my everything” or “I couldn’t live without you,” and the other senses in their heart that what sounds overly dramatic is indeed a truthful statement.

9. When you catch yourselves legitimately arguing over who loves the other person more.

10. When you exchange looks from the comfort of your couch, somehow acknowledging without any words just how happy you are to be doing absolutely nothing together. “This is exactly where I want to be,” your expressions both say.

11. When you realize just how safe you feel in each other’s arms, and that there’s nobody else you’d rather hold. At all. Ever.

12. When your first thought after something good happens is that you can’t wait to share the news with your significant other because the thrill isn’t real until they’re able to celebrate right along with you.

13. When you start envisioning your lives as divided into two key parts: before and after meeting, because you both consider finding each other to be the defining moment in your respective stories.

14. When you realize that your overall outlook has changed for the better because you can’t help feeling insanely grateful to the universe for leading you into such a rewarding relationship.

15. When you catch yourself tearing up a little just thinking about your relationship, which means you can finally claim to understand what it means to cry out of pure, unadulterated joy—like your fave emoji.

16. When you partner squeezes your hand randomly and that squeeze, which is somehow emblematic of the strength of your bond, constitutes the best part of your day.

17. When one person leaves town for a bit and the other goes to elaborate lengths to plant love notes in various places throughout their partner’s suitcase.

18. When being apart even just for a little proves harder than you’d imagined, which reminds you just how much you prefer life as a couple.

19. The moment you stop equating “normal” with “boring” because you cherish your regular day-to-day life with your lover that darn much.

20. When one person is detained unexpectedly and the other is forced to realize just how madly in love they are as their imagination runs wild and their stomach twists into knots with every thought about what may have gone wrong.

21. When you find yourselves pledging to die simultaneously, preferably holding hands, because you really don’t know how to live without each other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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