23 Ways You Know She’s The Woman You’ll Spend The Rest Of Your Life With


1. She inspires you to be a better person, not just in small, day to day ways, but in your overall approach to life. You can’t help reaching higher, thanks to her.

2. Since meeting, it’s as if your heart’s grown ten sizes. The person you were before finding her was the Grinch compared to the loving individual you’ve become, and you feel indebted to her for your personal transformation.

3. When she smiles, you smile. You don’t have to know why she’s smiling. Her happiness is contagious. You absorb her every good vibe automatically, by osmosis or something.

4. You don’t have to know why she’s laughing to start cracking up right along with her, either. Her giggle is your medicine. It makes you feel better instantaneously.

5. But she doesn’t have to be in good spirits to make you grin. Whether she’s smiling or not, you are constantly beaming with satisfaction inside, delighted over the privilege of being with her.

6. It’s as if your spirits are conjoined twins.

7. You adore her in all states of mind—as she experiences every single emotion, good, bad, and in-between.

8. When she enters a room, your surroundings melt away and reality seems to disintegrate. Nothing else matters—not your personal responsibilities, professional obligations, or outside distractions. It’s just you, and her.

9. You find yourself telling her things you haven’t told anyone before. She is your number one confidante, the keeper of all those secrets you never imagined confessing to another living soul.

10. You find yourself incorporating her into everything you do, every thought you have, and every dream you entertain.

11. Often, she’s the star of your nighttime dreams, both naughty and nice, too.

12. You have great sex, and you have lots of it. Sometimes you’re purely tender with each other, but you also get down and dirty. Pleasuring her is your main source of pleasure.

13. You experiment outside the bedroom, too. Being with her makes you want to expand your horizons in every aspect, from the food you eat to the trips you take and the places you consider living.

14. She manages to win over everyone who’s close to you—without even trying, it seems. After introducing her to a friend or family member, you know to expect a message the following day about how lucky you are and you nod to yourself every time, understanding that they’re right.

15. Her warmth is the effortless kind, especially when it comes to caring about you. Sometimes, you honestly wonder if you deserve to be treated so well by another human.

16. You never have to worry about feeling embarrassed when she’s around. She sincerely adores your every flaw and if she laughs when you flub, it’s because she finds you so darn endearing.

17. She isn’t bashful about communicating her needs, understanding that she’s a better partner when she looks out for herself. As independent as she is, however, she’s not afraid to lean on you.

18. You know in your heart that you can rely on her. Your gut tells you to trust her without question and in this case, you listen to it without thinking twice. When it comes to her, everything seems clear cut.

19. No matter how pragmatic or unsentimental you are, you can’t help feeling as if your bond is truly special, the product of a higher power or some cosmic force you can’t quite explain.

20. The very thought of her getting into any sort of trouble or being mistreated disturbs you on some primal level. Sometimes, you concoct revenge fantasies in which you go to extreme lengths to defend her honor before realizing your imagination is going a little crazy.

21. When you’re with her, you can’t help envisioning the future. Things you want to do, places you want to go, adventures you want to embark on—together.

22. There’s nothing more comforting than her presence. She really is your everything. Your lover, accomplice, and life partner. Your reason for getting up in the morning, and your solace as you fall asleep at night.

23. With her at your side, you are relationship goals. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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